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Our Mission

Our Mission

We will eliminate all illness.

Our Vision

We aim to empower people to take control of their own health

and live long, healthy, fulfilling lives with happiness and joy.

Our Value

We value love, compassion and honesty over profit.

Our Promise

We shall remain loyal to Spooky, and the many people who have adopted him into their lives and become part of the “Spooky Family”.

We shall form and contribute to The Rife Trust for Mankind (“the trust”).

All profits of Spooky T-shirts, Spooky Key chains, Spooky Dolls and other Spooky promotional merchandise will go to the trust.

5% of the profit from all other Spooky Accessories will go to the trust.

We will manage the trust in a fair, honest and open manner.

We shall continuously strive to improve our systems.