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Who is Spooky2?

Spooky2 is the most advanced and versatile Rife system in the world, developed since 2013 by an international team of electronics engineers, technical designers, software developers, and Rife practitioners. But the history of Spooky actually began much earlier.

Spooky’s underlying principles and methodology for applying healing frequencies began in 1984. In that year, the founder of Spooky merged his formal engineering disciplines to invent a novel spark-discharge treatment device which surpassed the performance of anything else on the market at that time. The resounding success of this machine is a crucial part of the early Spooky history.

The Story of Spooky2‘s Founder

Spooky2‘s founder John White, a Rife researcher, and inventor originally from New Zealand, has dedicated his career to finding solutions for serious diseases. Witnessing the loss of his beloved family and friends brought him not only grief but also a determination to find effective and affordable health solutions for all. With a background in Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Computer Sciences, John specializes in Energy and Scalar Resonance Healing, Biofeedback, and PEMF Therapy. Motivated by personal losses and a passion for helping others, he has collaborated with research groups to explore multiple health-related issues.

That’s why John started Spooky2. During his experiments, he was astonished to find conclusive evidence supporting the effectiveness of remote healing. This realization led him to develop an affordable Rife machine, Spooky2 and Spooky2 Remote, which combine the theory of quantum entanglement and Rife frequencies.

The Origin of the Brand Name

The name Spooky2 comes from Einstein, who called quantum entanglement “spooky action at a distance” and discovered the famous equation for mass-energy equivalence, “E=mc2“. Combining these two, we get Spooky2. As you can see, it’s not Spooky Two but Spooky Squared.

What We Do

At Spooky2, our mission is to help everyone eliminate diseases and suffering. To achieve this goal, we are seeking and developing practical and inexpensive alternative medical devices. Besides the Remote, the Spooky2 system has many ways to transfer precise healing frequencies, including contact, plasma, PEMF, cold laser, and ultrasonic. It is the most powerful and reliable Rife system in the world.

In addition to high-quality products, we also strive to provide exceptional customer service. We offer many ways to help our customers. You can contact us via email for detailed written explanations or ask us a question on LiveChat for a quick answer. We can also arrange a TeamViewer session to instruct you directly. Our support team aims to help you use our products with ease.

Moreover, with years of research and progress in understanding the human body, we notice that diseases may be more than merely physical ailments but rooted in the mind. Therefore, we help users balance emotions, elevate the mind, and strengthen spirituality as well. We will not stop until our users have lived the healthy and fulfilling lives they deserve.

The Evolution of Spooky2 Products
Our Charity Fund — Global Aid Foundation

Since the establishment of Spooky2, our top priority has always been helping people. John always values a kind heart over profit. Therefore, he put most of his money in researching and charity. Initially, Spooky2 started a charity program called “1-Dollar Project”, in which we donated one dollar from every order to a person or organization that needed help.

As Spooky2 grows, so does our charity project. In 2021, Spooky2 formed her own charity fund, Global Aid Foundation. Our program has also become the 3-Dollar Project. Our charity work has helped thousands of people and even animals around the world. We hope our fund will make the world a better place for everyone, and we will keep spreading love and health to every last corner of the Earth.