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Spooky Radionics

Spooky Radionics:

We’re very proud to introduce the latest powerful addition to our Spooky2 family – Spooky Radionics.

This beautiful and compact device was specially designed for us by Berkana Labs,

an artisan British company with a history of building awesome – and elegant – radionics machines.

Powered by a Spooky2-XM generator, Spooky Radionics can be used for treatment and diagnostics.

It can narrowcast just like a Spooky Remote, using DNA on the Output plate and transmitting via scalar energy.

But it’s capable of much more. You can run frequencies and augment them with radionics “rates” using the three dials.

You can then add any healing/beneficial substance – or crystal – to the Input plate.

Spooky Radionics will detect its energy field and mix it to the total Output signal.

However, you’re not limited to transmitting via DNA.

You can place a dropper bottle with distilled water on the Output plate, then “imprint” it with frequencies and rates,

PLUS whatever you put on the Input plate. You can also use this method to copy or clone any remedy you like.

You don’t have to use ingestibles either – you can program a healing crystal instead and carry it on your person.

Diagnostics can be done by placing a DNA sample on the Input plate,

then turning each dial while holding a pendulum or using the Output as a “stick plate.”

Once you’ve found the rate for the problem, you can easily calculate the rate needed to reverse it,

and either transmit it via DNA or create a remedy for it.

With Spooky Radionics, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and inventiveness.

Spooky Radionics is sold and shipped by Berkana Labs direct from the UK.

Many pictures as below: