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What Are the Differences Between Spooky2 Sample Digitizer and Spooky2 Remote? 4

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Many users have asked about the differences between Spooky2 Sample Digitizer and Spooky2 Remote. In this post, we will discuss this in terms of their appearance and scanning and treatment functions.


Spooky2 Remote

Spooky2 Sample Digitizer

Sample types

Sample Duration

Sample Duration for Spooky2 Remote
Nails: nail specimens may be best renewed each month.

Saliva: cut a strip of blank paper (blotting paper is best) . Place the top one-third of this in your mouth for about five minutes, or until it becomes saturated with saliva. Allow it to air-dry for about 10-20 minutes before placing it into your Remote. Good for about three days.

Buccal Skin Cells: use a strip of paper, but don’t allow it to soak in your mouth. Instead, rub the top one-third gently but firmly against the inside of your cheek for a moment. If it becomes wet, allow it to air-dry as above. Good for about 4-5 days.

Blood: smear the droplet of blood on the top one-third of a strip of paper. Allow to air-dry for a few moments. Good for about 5-6 days.

Hair: the shaft contains no DNA, only RNA. So it must have the root “bulb” attached. Good for about 2 days.

2.2 Sample Duration for Spooky2 Digitizer
You can use urine, saliva, blood, nail powder and biological samples (ie, Cancer cells) as the samples. Do not allow the tissue sample to dry. Replace the sample every day.

Scan Function

Spooky2 Sample Digitizer can be used for direct GX scanning of biological samples (urine, saliva, blood, etc.). You are not required to be connected by wires. The result of a sample scan is accurate, due to the high ratio of pathogens within the sample. Spooky2 Sample Digitizer is better suited than TENS scans for finding pathogens in your body.

Treatment Function

Treatments using Spooky2 Sample Digitizer is an experimental function. After a GX Pro sample scan has completed, Spooky2 Digitizer can automatically send the resultant frequencies to your body. This is possible because of DNA entanglement. The tissue sample in Spooky2 Digitizer is linked to your body. However, treatments using Spooky2 Sample Digitizer are not very efficient. For this reason, we recommend using a proper Spooky2 Remote, plasma, or contact modes to run your scan results.

In conclusion, the Spooky2 Sample Digitizer is better suited for performing GX Pro Sample Digitizer Scans to discover the most suitable frequencies for you. Spooky2 Remote can be used to apply these frequencies to eliminate harmful bacteria and pathogens in your body. Purchase Spooky2 Sample Digitizer and Spooky2 Remote to experience their benefits now.


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  1. “Allerdings sind Behandlungen mit dem Spooky 2 Sample Digitizer nicht sehr effizient. Aus diesem Grund empfehlen wir die Verwendung einer geeigneten Spooky 2 -Fernbedienung, eines Plasma- oder Kontaktmodus, um Ihre Scanergebnisse auszuführen.”

    Plasmamodus für Remotebehandlungen?

    Gut zu erwähnen das die Ergebnisse automatisch danach ausgeführt werden können
    (Scan & Run, Hunt & Kill) dann kann man das gut automatisieren.
    Ein Beispielvideo wäre vorteilhaft.

    Manja Gärtner
    1. Hallo Manja, vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar. Es gibt fünf Modi der Frequenzübertragung: Plasmamodus, Kontaktmodus, Fernmodus, Kaltlasermodus und PEMF-Modus.
      Hier sind die Videos, die erklären, wie man mit Spooky2 Remote die Voreinstellung „Sample Digitizer Hunt and Kill“ ausführt und wie man mit Spooky2 Remote die Voreinstellung „Sample Digitizer Scan and Run“ ausführt. Ich hoffe es hilft.

  2. Hello Nicole and Lisa 🙂
    Can I use the remote to do a scan? I used the Digitizer while on vacation and it picked up rat in scan :-0 hahaha I guess wasen’t all the way flat and a gap in it sent signal out.

    Thank you for everything you guys do for the Universe 😉 528Hz Love

    Christian Egizio
    1. Hello! Thank you for your kind words and positive energy! 🌟 To answer your question: No, the Spooky2 Remote cannot be used to perform a scan. The Spooky2 Remote is designed to transmit healing frequencies to your DNA sample, but it does not have the capability to perform scans. For scanning purposes, the Spooky2 Sample Digitizer is the appropriate tool. It can accurately scan your sample and detect frequencies that need attention. As you experienced during your vacation, the Sample Digitizer can pick up various signals, so it’s important to ensure that the sample is properly positioned and flat to avoid any signal interference. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help! Sending you 528Hz Love and positive vibes! 💚✨

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