Step1: Connect both generators to your computer's USB port and plug in the power adapter. (You can use a USB hub if your computer does not have sufficient USB outputs.)

Step2: Turn on both generators. The generator screens will turn on.

Step3: Start Spooky2 software.

You will now see 2 channels on the Generator Control Tab. This means both generators were successfully found. Both generator control buttons on the screen will be red, indicating they are stopped.

Step4: Choose the preset and program(s) you wish to run, and then tick on Overwrite Channel Setting. Then choose the generator you want to run.

A channel window will be presented as shown below. Click on "Start" to run the chosen program(s).


The Channel Control box will change color from red to green. Click on the red "x" to close the Control box.

You will see in the above example that channel 3 is now green. The channel will continue to run while you set up the next generator.


Step 5: Choose the preset and program you want to run for the second generator, please remember to click on Overwrite Channel Settings.

Now click on the second channel, and click on Start to run the second channel.

Both channels will become green, indicating both generators are running.