In celebration of International Women's Day and the vital distaff side of the Spooky Team, we've just uploaded the Spooky2 20170308 release together with the updated User's Guide and Spooky2 Starter Pack here:

Here’s what’s new and better in Spooky2 20170308 (8 March 2017):

New: multiple programs can now be selected in the Programs Pane and loaded with a single button click.

New: controls added to move a program instantly to the top or bottom of the Loaded Programs column.

New: Tissue Factor – this replaces the Disintegration Factor control removed in the previous release.

New: Newport Adaptations preset collection with 205 presets. New presets added to Miscellaneous collection.

Improved: control of external waveforms. These cannot accept negative Spectrum values.

Improved: PC Button (Phantom Channel) renamed VG Button (Virtual Generator).

Fixed: various bugfixes, with under-the-hood code optimisations.

Databases: Human BP Database now installed by default. Optional Non-Human BP Database (animal and plant pathogens) may be installed from the System tab. Programs now total almost 41,000.