Since we launched the Molecular Weight Frequencies in 2016, we have received lots of positive feedback and outstanding reports from our users. In our Molecular Weight Database, there are already over 8,000 pharmaceutical drugs, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins are organic compounds and vital nutrients which are required by our body. When our body cannot synthesize these vitamins in a certain quantity, then these vitamins must be obtained from outside, otherwise, our body may have some symptoms and diseases. With the help of Spooky2 Molecular Weight Frequencies, we can enjoy vitamin frequencies which can provide the same effect and benefits. However, there are few caution on running these frequencies and in this blog, we are about to discuss mainly on the vitamins.

List of vitamins

Vitamin Name


Deficiency Diseases

Overdose Diseases

Vitamin A


Nightblindness, hyperkeratosis,

and keratomalacia

Hypervitaminosis A

Vitamin B1


Beriberi, Wernicke-Korsakoff


Drowsiness or muscle relaxation

with large doses

Vitamin B2


Ariboflavinosis, glossitis, 

angular stomatitis


Vitamin B3



Liver damage and 

other problems

Vitamin B5



Diarrhea; possibly nausea

and heartburn

Vitamin B6


Anemia peripheral neuropathy

Impairment of proprioception,

nerve damage

Vitamin B7


Dermatitis, enteritis  

Vitamin B9


Megaloblastic anemia and

deficiency during pregnancy is

associated with birth defects

May mask symptoms of

vitamin B12 deficiency; 

other effects

Vitamin B12


Pernicious anemia Acne-like rash

Vitamin C


Scurvy Vitamin C megadosage

Vitamin D


Rickets and osteomalacia

Increased congestive heart

failure seen in one large

randomized study

Vitamin E


Deficiency is very rare; 

sterility in males and 

abortions in females,

mild hemolytic anemia

innewborn infants

Increased congestive heart

failure seen in one large

randomized study

Vitamin K


Bleeding diathesis

Increases coagulation

in patients taking 


Safe use of Molecular Weight frequencies of Vitamin with Spooky2

1. Vitamin A, D, E, K are all fat soluble, so we have to be careful with the intake of them because they may stay in our fat around our liver which may cause liver problems.

2. Water-soluble vitamins- vitamin B, C, can dissolve in water, which means these vitamins and nutrients dissolve quickly in the body. Unlike fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins are carried to the body’s tissues, but the body cannot store them. Any excess amounts of water-soluble vitamins simply pass through the body.

However, Vitamin B3 and B6 shouldn’t be taken at large daily doses,because over time they can cause nerve damage and liver diseases.Because these vitamins are needed by our bodies, we need to make sure we intake these vitamins on a regular basis.

3. Vitamin C is unlikely to be harmful even with too much dietary, megadoses of vitamin C may cause certain symptoms such as Diarrhea and Nausea.

4. Vitamin B12 has not been shown to cause harm, even in large doses. Therefore, it is highly recommended for older adults to run a vitamin B12 frequency at least 1 session per day to help prevent deficiency.

5. Last but not least, Molecular Weight Programs are available in all 3 transmission modes of Spooky2-Contact Mode, Remote Mode, and Plasma Mode. For Contact and Plasma Mode, we recommend only one session in one day due to the strong effects. In Remote Mode, try to take it slow at the beginning.