How to Convert Molecular Weight to Frequency and Run It in Spooky2 Software 9

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This instruction will show you how to convert the known molecular weight to frequency and run it in Spooky2 software.

Firstly, find the Molecular Weight of the substance.
You can find the Molecular Weight on this website: For example, the Molecular Weight of Vitamin B17 is 457.432 g/mol.

Molecular Weight-1

Secondly, create a program for the Molecular Weight.
1. Open Spooky2 software. Choose Create Program in the File Menu.

Molecular Weight-2

2. Enter the Information: Program Name, Frequencies and Program Description. Please notice that in the Frequencies Pane, you should type M first, then enter the Molecular Weight after it, for example: M457.432.

Molecular Weight-3

3. Click the Save button to save the program.

Thirdly, run the Molecular Weight Program in the Spooky2 software.
We recommend using specific MW Shell Presets for all the Molecular Weight programs. If you use Spooky2 Remote, you can choose MW Emulate or MW Remove. Then go to the Programs tab to search the MW program you just created. And go to Control tab to start it. Spooky2 will automatically convert the Molecular Weight into a frequency.

Before choosing the suitable MW Shell Preset, please have a check with their Notes area.

MW Emulate: The preset has been designed to emulate (copy the function of) substances within the Spooky2 MW database. Select this preset, then select the substances you wish to emulate.

MW Remove: The preset has been designed to disable substances. Select this preset, then select the substances you wish to disable.

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  1. By what algorithm are you calculating frequency from molecular weight?

    1. You can see in the ‘System’ Tab, bottom right.

  2. Thank You for thank You for the info, My medicine cost me $42, 000 Dollars a year. I have some stored but good to know that i can use the MW for an emergency.
    sincerely, Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

    1. I’m glad that this blog helps you. Learn more about MW here:

  3. #Atom Molar Mass (MM) Subtotal Mass % Subtotal Mass g/moll
    (g/mol) (%) (g/mol)
    20 C 12.01 52.51 240.21
    27 H 1.01 5.95 27.21
    1 N 14.01 3.06 14.01
    11 O 16.00 38.47 175.99

  4. Thank you for using Amygadalin as the example. The establishment tries so hard to crack down on Laetrile for cancer treatment. Spooky2 offers a wonderful alternative, in fact, to many substances they try to ban.

    1. Thanks for your support:)

  5. Fantastic information! Thank you for sharing this link.

    1. Hi, thanks for your support and affirmation! And so glad that this blog can be helpful for you:)🥰

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