Q: Where can we find Molecular Weight Databases in the Spooky2 software?

A: The software will show Molecular Weight databases, if you only tick MW in the programs tab. First tick the Minus button, then tick MW.

You will see full Molecular Weight databases (about 8000) by choosing Load Molecular Weight Database in the System tab.                    

Q: Where to find Molecular Weight if they are not in our database?

A: MW values can be found on the Internet in reliable research websites. You can find on Pubchem website and other sites as well.
Q: How to get Molecular Weight into frequencies that can be used?

A: As long as the MW number is preceded by M in the Program, the software determines the proper frequency for the substance.

You can check this blog:

Q: What is the best preset to select to apply the Molecular Weight frequency?

A: The MW frequency programs are just frequencies like everything else.
You can use your favorite or most effective shell preset to run them.
If in doubt, start with the Healing (x) - JW presets or try the Golden Ratio (x) - JW preset -- where X = the method of delivery.                                                                          

Q: What duration and delivery method (contact, remote, plasma) is best to run Molecular Weight frequencies?

A: The duration will probably vary greatly depending on individual size, sensitivity, need and etc. At the beginning, I suggest using with very careful monitoring of symptoms or other tests to verify benefit, and increase until benefits are seen, but not to the point of overdose or negative symptoms.

The best delivery method for the MW frequencies is the one you want to use.
The delivery method are not critical if you run MW nutritional programs like mineral, essential oil, etc. Because they are natural, and your body can expel any excess.

However, if you run MW drugs frequencies, we recommend you to keep the duration as short as possible.

Pharmaceutical drugs are man-made chemicals which are unknown in nature. This allows them to be patented. While many believe that using drugs' frequencies rather than their physical substance allows beneficial effects without nasty side effects, we know of no research that shows this to be true.

You should therefore exercise EXTREME CAUTION when experimenting with these frequencies, and in no case should a drug program ever be set to run non-stop remotely. Drug frequencies are most safely used in Contact or Plasma Mode because these modes' effectiveness is more immediate, so any concomitant side effects will become apparent much quicker, allowing experimenters to make a more informed choice, and either stop or tailor their safe use.                                                                          

Q: What about the substances you want to remove from the body, such as DDT?

A: The substances that one wants to remove from the body should NOT be used as MW frequencies. Previously there was a "Disintegrative Factor" function in the software.

However, it was removed because:
1) There was no clear indication that it was performing the desired function.
2) Even if it was performing the function of breaking down some substance, there was no information stating that one function would break down all substances or that what the substances were broken down into would be less toxic (or more safe) than the substances being broken down.

Rather than have many unknowns possibly causing damage, it was removed.

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