In August 2016, we proudly introduced the Molecular Weight Frequencies for over 8000 pharmaceutical drugs, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. The database is still growing and we are taking one step further that we are adding more and more frequencies into our main database. We sincerely hope that we can bring more possibilities and benefits to our beloved Spooky2 users. Below is the information you may need to use Molecular Weight frequencies in Spooky2 software.

To use Spooky2 molecular weight frequencies in Spooky2 Software, please check this video:

As we know, drugs may have side effects, so we should therefore exercise EXTREME CAUTION when experimenting with these drug frequencies. And it is recommended to run adverse drug reaction program together with Molecular weight drug frequencies. For more details, please check the blog Important Notice for MW Database Experimenters:

You can also create custom molecular weight frequency programs if you know the molecular weight of a compound. This video shows two ways to convert molecular weight to frequencies and run them in Spooky2 software:

Since we launched the Molecular Weight Frequency, we have received lots of positive feedback and outstanding reports from our users. With the intention of providing a better service, we appreciate all of our users’ generosity and because of your effort, we are having a much larger database of Molecular Weight frequencies which can help thousands of others who have the same needs. Therefore, we encourage all of our users who are using Molecular Weight to share your experience with us by E-mail at: This can also include any research notes that you may have, or even any other Molecular Weight you may want to have in your database. We will double check every submission and our Spooky2 team will do our best to ensure the correctness and accuracy of every Molecular Weight we have in our database.

With the effort of every Spooky2 users, we aim to build the largest free Molecular Weight database.

Thank you for your kind support, and we appreciate every effort you made!