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Humans are made of vibrations. Every human cell, organ, emotion, and thought is made of vibrations, clustered together to make us who we are.

Not feeling well?
Maybe your chakras need some love and care!

Listen to the healing frequencies on YouTube which will stimulate your chakras. The chakras regulate the flow of energy and connect us to the universe. Each chakra has a specific healing frequency known as Solfeggio healing frequencies or also known as Gods’ healing frequencies. These healing vibrational frequencies are the best to stimulate the chakras, healing frequencies can be from crystal singing bowls which help with the cleansing and balancing of chakras. By using different types of singing bowls the Solfeggio frequencies can be used to open the chakras.

Using the Solfeggio healing frequencies for the body will help to open each chakra. There is a list of healing frequencies to see which frequency will stimulate each chakra. The healing sound frequencies chart gives the healing frequency at which each chakra is stimulated.
When one is struggling with life you might ask, does listening to healing frequencies work? To find out how good these healing frequencies are, listen to healing frequencies and experience the effects of God’s healing frequencies.

The healing frequencies, combined with the right diet, the use of crystals, meditation, the burning of essence, essential oils and yoga poses will help to restore the balance in the chakras.

How to stimulate your chakras:

The root chakra is best stimulated by foods like beets, strawberries, radishes, tomatoes, and chilies. The best crystals to stimulate the root chakra are red calcite, hermite, black onyx, and red jasper. The Solfeggio healing frequency for this chakra is at 396 Hz.

The sacral chakra is stimulated by orange-colored foods like papaya, mango, pumpkin, honey, orange, and cantaloupe. Use amber, tiger’s eye, carnelian, and orange calcite crystals to help heal this chakra. The healing frequency for the sacral chakra is at 417 Hz.

The solar plexus is stimulated when you eat fruits with a sunny color, like bananas, apricots, and pineapples. Crystals which are yellowish like lemon quartz, the yellow jasper, and citrine will help to stimulate the solar plexus. The Solfeggio frequency for the solar plexus is at 528 Hz. The healing frequencies at 528 Hz is also known as the love frequency.

The heart chakra loves greens and lettuce, kale, bean sprouts, and broccoli. Foods like tofu, brown rice, lentils are also good foods for the heart chakra. Crystals like rose quartz, rhodonite, jade, peridot, and green calcite are beneficial to the heart chakra. The Solfeggio healing frequency for the heart chakra is at 639 Hz.

The fifth chakra is in the throat the best foods to release energy and open this chakra are dragon fruit, ginseng, kelp, mushrooms, wheatgrass and blueberries, blackberries. The healing powers of crystals like the turquoise, aquamarine, lapis lazuli and amazonite can open the heart chakra. The healing frequency for the throat chakra is at 741 Hz.

Deep colored violet foods like grapes, eggplant, black currents, plums, and purple carrots and purple lettuce will help to open the third eye. Crystals like the amethyst, purple fluorite, moldavite, and black obsidian can stimulate a blocked third eye. To open the third eye, one should use the Solfeggio healing frequency of 852 Hz when meditating.

The crown chakra is stimulated by prayer and meditation, fasting, and drinking juices only. One needs to drink plenty of water and meditate daily. The best crystals to use for the crown chakra are the amethyst, clear quartz, selenite, and diamonds. The Solfeggio frequency of 963 Hz will open the crown chakra while 432 Hz will bring mental clarity and unlocks intuition.

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