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Healing Frequency Music

Download our FREE and proven healing frequency music to experience these frequencies and see whether they work for you.
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What You’ll Get:

You will get an audio zip pack containing all the following healing frequencies.

By providing the brains with a steady and regular beat, the repeating frequency encourages an increased neural response.

One of the Solfeggio frequencies. This frequency relieves a person from tension and pain.

One of the Solfeggio frequencies and is considered involved in the healing of cuts, burns.

Related to the removal of fear and other negative feelings, transforming negative emotions such as grief into positive, joyful ones.

Another Solfeggio frequency which focuses on removing negative energy from a past trauma or that in the ambient environment.

People believe that 440 Hz works on the “thinking” or Third eye Chakra.

Known as the love frequency, 528hz is the Matrix of frequencies as it’s central to our universe, connecting us to both material and spiritual levels.

Used to balance Heart Chakra. This frequency is full of Love, Radiance, and Positive Energy.

This frequency helps to replace negative thoughts, making it ideal when nervousness or anxiety overwhelms you.

Linked with the stimulation of the pineal gland or Third eye.

The miracle tone of nature. It helps to create a sense of positive well-being and inner peace that can motivate listeners to step into a state of calmness and relaxation.

What Spooky2 Users Are Saying


Do I need headphones with these?

Both are OK. You can use with a headphone or without. We recommend turning up your volume a little bit to help the frequency better penetrate your body.

How many times and how often am I supposed to listen to this?

It totally depends on personal situation. Some people find it annoying listening to audios and feel depressed afterwards, while others do not have such feelings. We suggest listening to this at least 2-3 times a day to see a possible effect. And It depends on your needs and personal situation to choose volume level. We recommend maintaing moderate volumn at a comfortable level in order to prevent any hearing injury. Make sure you have enough lemon water or pure water to flush the die-offs from your body.

Can I listen to this instead of using a real rife machine?

You can try to listen to this to see the effect. However, there are still differences between listening to frequencies online and using a real rife machine.

  • We made the best quality videos, but the signal accuracy is still dramatically reduced when you hear it online, because the sound is compressed by the website, and some info is lost.
  • You are grounded to be close to the audio if you choose to hear.
  • The difference is the same as listening to music from audio and from a concert.
  • Many frequencies can not be heard by human beings.
  • If using Remote treatment from Spooky2, you can use it 7/24 while doing everything else.
  • With hardware treatment, frequencies go through your body rather than through your ears.
  • Hardware treatment is much more powerful than listening to audio.

Can I use it when I am sleeping?

Yes, if it does not affect your sleep. Some people find it hard to sleep with sound background. Please listen to this in a silent state, avoiding exercising.

Does it have some side-effects?

No, there are no side-effects, except that you may be annoyed by the boring audios.

Why Choose Spooky2

software & database
Free Software & Largest Frequency Database

Free software updates and the world’s largest frequency database ensure Spooky2 will always be superior. Our database contains more than 50,000 programs and is still growing.

low price
Lowest Price & Highest Performance

Spooky2 sells direct to customers, cutting out the middle men. Spooky2 provides good, honest health solutions without obscene profit margins.

Leading-Edge Biofeedback System

Spooky2 has a well-developed biofeedback system. Biofeedback scans find the precise frequencies your body needs.

treatment system
Most Effective Rife Treatment System

Spooky2 gives you not one, but MANY Rife machines in one package – with plasma, contact, remote, PEMF, cold laser, audio, and more.

Community Support

There are more than 20,000 researchers and users discussing many kinds of conditions, frequency treatments and Rife machines. You are surrounded by friends who want to help.

lifetime support
Lifetime Support

If you have any questions after purchasing one of our machines you can call or email and get free professional help no matter what your needs may be.

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