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A Full List of The Healing Frequencies of Human Body 15

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There are specific frequencies that are regarded in alternative medicine to be particularly healing to the human body. Here is a list of those frequencies that generally have healing properties.


In 1991, researchers discovered that Alzheimer’s patients have reduced 40 Hz brainwaves compared with healthy people. By providing the brains with a steady and regular beat, the repeating frequency encourages an increased neural response.


One of the Solfeggio frequencies. This frequency relieves a person from tension and pain.


Also, one of the Solfeggio frequencies and is considered involved in the healing of cuts, burns.


Related to the removal of fear and other negative feelings, transforming negative emotions such as grief into positive, joyful ones.


Another Solfeggio frequency which focuses on removing negative energy from a past trauma or that in the ambient environment.


This Solfeggio frequency is quite successful in a healing frequency. Reduction in anxiety, lowering of the heart rate, and a healthier blood pressure has been noted. Reported claims of feeling content, happy and more relaxed when playing and listening 432 Hz has been noted.


The natural musical pitch of the universe gives a more harmonic and pleasant sound, music that is tuned to the 440 hertz aids in the listener’s cognitive development, self-confidence, indecisiveness and a lack of energy could be boost by songs tuned to 440 Hz. People believe that 440 Hz works on the “thinking” or Third eye Chakra.


Known as the love frequency, 528hz is the Matrix of frequencies as it’s central to our universe, connecting us to both material and spiritual levels. Feeling sun rays on your face, stepping on grass, 528hz is in the chlorophyll of plants and in the DNA of us, mere mortals. One of the most famous and universally recognized songs composed in 528hz is Imagine John Lennon.


Used to balance Heart Chakra. This frequency is full of Love, Radiance, and Positive Energy. It can transform anxious hearts into compassionate ones, filled with energy and positivity. 639hz enables communication, understanding, tolerance, and love thus improving harmonious interpersonal relationships whether it is those in family, between partners or friends.


Used to raise awareness, connect you with the ever-present spirit of the universe, and be in harmony with your higher self. This frequency helps to replace negative thoughts, making it ideal when nervousness or anxiety overwhelms you. It also aids in awakening intuition and inner strength, giving greater access to spiritual experience and transformation.


Linked with the stimulation of the pineal gland or Third eye. The pineal gland is a small gland located at the geometric center of the brain. This gland is most commonly associated with producing hormones one of which is melatonin that regulates sleep patterns. Furthermore, the 963hz Solfeggio frequency helps us to achieve Oneness, reconnecting with the universe and enables a direct experience with non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. One benefit of the 963hz frequency is the balancing of the Crown Chakra, with a balanced Crown Chakra we live in the present moment where we have trust in our inner guidance.

You can use many different sound frequencies in the healing of psychiatric illness as well as produce physical healing effects.

Stay tuned for more interesting facts about Healing Frequencies of the human body.

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  1. Good information, but how do I apply 1 specific frequency? I am used to looking for a particular problem and then the associated frequency number pops up. I have never started with the number first.

    1. The frequency are 528 and 3.14

  2. Very helpful! Thanks so much.

    Rachel Chevalier
    1. Always my pleasure.

  3. You missed 741 hz, a solfeggio tone. 440 hz is extremely detrimental, especially to emotions, not healing. I am guessing you meant 444 hz. What about 7.83 hz the Schumann resonance? 9.6 hz the pulse of the Earth, shown to have healing and regenerative qualities by NASA research and others?

    1. Thanks for your advice, we will report it to our engineer department.

  4. All great comments. Looking forward to the replies, especially the bit about 440 Hz. I always thought that one was detrimental too.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, we will report it to our engineer department.

  5. Thank you for this list. It is very connecting when i cannot have rifing interfere with computing, i will definitely be doing these manual configurations on my SpookyXm. With remote can I configure 👻 2 to play a series of frequencies rather than one, then adjust, then one, then adjust?

    1. Sorry, we do not recommend you do that.These operations require very technical knowledge.

  6. Which waveform would be used with these frequencies when creating a custom program?

  7. this person transforms the sounds of rain into different frequencies : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn5_g5OE1UpGUqXO9Ak3llA

  8. What’s the best and affordable device that can produce specific precision for healing purpose.

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