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Spooky2 Central kit is a modern-day Rife system that can apply Royal Rife’s original frequencies directly without a carrier. It has 4 functions: Spooky2 Plasma, Ultrasonic, PEMF, and Contact. However, Spooky2 Central may work differently according to different settings in the software. Here are some methods to test if your Spooky2 Central is working properly.

Before testing the Spooky2 Central, please make sure all the connections are good.

For how to connect Spooky2 Central accessories, please check this video:

Besides, don’t forget to check the following notes for using Spooky2 Central:

Plasma Mode

If you connect your Spooky2 Central and run the software correctly, you can see the Plasma Tube and modulation light blinking. That means your Plasma is working normally.

You can also test your Plasma Tube with a voltage test pen. When Spooky2 Central is powered on and the tube running, the voltage sensor will light up.

Here is the instruction to use the test pen:

If your Plasma Tube doesn’t light up, you can refer to the attached link:

Ultrasonic Mode

In general, you will hear the sound of your Ultrasonic as long as you run it. You can choose the Mold and Slime 2 Day Home Treatment (P) – JW preset under the \Environmental\Plasma\ column in the Preset tab of Spooky2 software and run it.


You will hear the sound of your Ultrasonic if it is good. If you have poor hearing, please ask others to help.


Spooky2 PEMF sends very brief pulses to a coil. The pulses are a fixed 100 Hz, but the duration is very brief: 69 microseconds. This means that it is very hard to detect. The PEMF Coil spends 69 microseconds on and 999931 microseconds off. It is on for only 0.0069% of the time.

But there are still some ways you can use to test whether your Spooky2 Central PEMF Mode work.

Before testing, please make sure all the connection is tight and firm.

Please check the detailed instructions here:

Method #1: Place an AM radio next to the PEMF Coil. Whilst it is running, it will make the radio produce a buzzing sound. This is the easiest way of checking the PEMF Coil.

For more information in detail, please check here:

Method #2: Test Spooky2 Coil using a Multimeter. The resistance of the PEMF Coil is measured. The resistance should be between 0.5 and 1.5 ohms. Some Multimeters give different readings, but this is a reflection on the quality of the meters and test leads used.

For more information in detail, please check here:

Method #3: The operation of the PEMF Coil can be checked using a sensitive compass. Holding the PEMF Coil next to the compass should show a slight movement in the needle. Any movement at all indicates the coil is working because the copper coil itself is non-magnetic until it has electricity flowing.

For more information in detail, please check here:

Contact Mode

If you plug in the PEMF Coil and turn the Contact port on, and can hear a buzz on the PEMF Coil, then the Contact mode port is functional as they both share some components.

If you cannot hear the PEMF Coil when held close to the ear, try placing the PEMF Coil on top of a metal surface. The PEMF Coil should resonate louder.

If the Contact mode port fails, there is a high likelihood that the PEMF coil will also not be operational.

For more details, please check the link:

If you still have any problems, please get in touch with our customer service online or send an email to [email protected].


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