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Notes for Using Spooky2 Central Leave a comment

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Here are five suggested notes for using Spooky central:

1. Make sure the white high voltage wires, plasma tube and Spooky Central are as far from the generator and its power supply as possible. If either the high voltage cable of the tube or the tube itself is close to the power supply (or power supply wires) of the generator, the generator may easily lock up.

2. The cable from the 5v power adapter acts as an aerial, picking up the signals from Spooky Central. Please ensure the adapter is plugged into a different mains socket outlet.

3. Use a generator with P/N number starting from 2417.

4. Use the special USB and BNC filter cables provided with your Spooky Central. If you do not have the BNC filter cables, they can be purchased from www.spooky2-mall.com.

5. A lot of powered USB hubs have very bad power supplies. And it can cause problems.

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