What’s the difference between Spooky Phanotron Tube and Spooky Straight Tube? 11

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We have recently released our brand new PhanotronTube that uses the same exacting specifications as the original Royal Rife tubes.

Many users asked about the differences between Spooky Phanotron Tube and Spooky Plasma Tube and which one to choose.

This post will help you understand the differences and choose between the two.

The Differences

1. The gas used in the straight plasma tube is Argon. The Phanotron tube uses pure Helium, the best gas for plasma tubes.

2. The Phanotron tube electrodes provide stronger, more focused signals for localized treatment.

3. The frequency range of Phanotron tube is better than the straight plasma tube.

4. The Phanotron tube has a built-in holder, making the tube safer and more convenient to use.

5. The phanotron tube is for concentrated energy on a given issue, like a localized problem, while the long tube is for scattered issues in the whole body, like disseminated pathogens.


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  1. I am interseted in the best system and tube to treat lung cancer that has matistisised to the brain and lymph nodes classified as stage 4
    Adenocarcinoma of the lung. Also would the scaler machine be better ?

    1. For the difference between the scalar and plasma, we recommend you can check this link:https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-choose-between-spooky2-plasma-and-spooky2-scalar/

    2. In addition to Spoojy2, look into ingesting drops of 35% in water. The protocol can be found in the Hydrogen Peroxide Research Group on Facebook.

      Bob Hayden-Gilbert
    3. Besides this machine also, look into Ivermectin as an option. Search on the USA NIH website by typing in Ivermectin and look at the studies that are now starting to appear.

      Some things are being hidden from us. Also find the “Truth about cancer” video series.

      Also stop feeding processed sugar to the body as it feeds the cancer directly.

      I am not a doctor or health professional but after losing my dad and brother to cancer I have been down the rabbit hole researching.

      Much love from New Zealand.

  2. Phanotron Tube produces (if done with the classical method must be done with RF and not only as a high voltage) scalar waves which from the formed angle of the electrodes exits in one direction.
    The straight tube the generated scalar waves come out from the sides of the tube and not from the front ( wide) The healing beam exits from the side of the electrodes.
    NEVER “beat” the patient.
    The stimulation of the Phanotron Tube must be done with RF and modulation with the corresponding frequency.
    For this reason the lamp does not overheat.


      What do you mean by “RF”? Thank you.

      1. I would like to know that too. Could someone respond? Thank you

        1. Probably “rife frequencies” : )

      2. Probably “rife frequencies” : )

  3. Thanks for your response. I know I need the Phanotron plasma unit. Please give me the cost of the unit and anything else I need to run it. I have the GenX unit and what it came with.


    Jeff Albulet
    1. Hi, Jeff. Now we have some events for our Spooky2 products. You can learn more details from this page: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/celebrating-spooky2s-9th-birthday/
      And you can learn detailed price from our mall website: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/products/
      If you want to know the accurate charge, you also need to give me your address information so that we can help you figure out its shipping cost. Please feel free to contact our customer service [email protected], they will reply to you in time!

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