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Recently Nicola Alexandra Hadju submitted quite a few presets to the forum based on the active chemical ingredient of many healing substances. Many of those posts contained a single preset, but others were a combination of presets. I wrote a program that takes those multiple elements presets and combines them into a single preset.

Here are the names of the presets in this zip file.

BRCHIB (C) – NAH.txt
BRCHIB (R) – NAH.txt
Canary Seed (C) – NAH.txt
Canary Seed (R) – NAH.txt
DMT (C) – NAH.txt
DMT (R) – NAH.txt
Emu Oil (C) – NAH.txt
Emu Oil (R) – NAH.txt
Hormone Imbalance (C) – NAH.txt
Hormone Imbalance (R) – NAH.txt
K2 D3 (C) – NAH.txt
K2 D3 (R) – NAH.txt
Photosynthesis (C) – NAH.txt
Photosynthesis (R) – NAH.txt
Spider Venom (C) – NAH.txt
Spider Venom (R) – NAH.txt
Vitamin B12 B3 (C) – NAH.txt
Vitamin B12 B3 (R) – NAH.txt
Vitamin C Liposomal (C) – NAH.txt
Vitamin C Liposomal (R) – NAH.txt

This archive is for the Jun 5 Release:

Nicola’s Magic-20160605.zip

This archive is for the Aug 5 Release:

Nicola’s Magic-20160805.zip

Thanks Nicola Alexandra Hajdu and Bryan Yamamoto for the presets.

Source: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=5808

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