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How to Resume Terrain Protocol 2

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Terrain Protocol, the first essential step for Spooky2 beginners, can be applied to all Spooky2 frequency transmission modes: Remote, Contact, Cold Laser, PEMF, and Plasma. Among all the modes, the Remote mode is the preferred choice for most people. This mode frees people from attaching to machines and allows them to continue their daily tasks.

Terrain Protocol under Remote mode will run for 11 days nonstop and repeat itself until you manually stop it. While this is highly convenient, in the real world, sometimes we have to stop running frequencies for some reason. In such situations, how can we return to the preset running at that time instead of starting from scratch and wasting time? If you have the same question, don’t worry, you will find the answer in this blog.

First, it is always important to note which day you are on when running the Terrain Protocol so that you can start from the step you were at before. The days and corresponding preset numbers are shown below. You can refer to this list to find the one you wish to return to:

Preset 1, Day 1 – 1. Remove Metals
Preset 2, Day 2 – 2. Remove Metals
Preset 3, Day 3 – 3. Remove Chemical Materials
Preset 4, Day 4 – 4. Remove Systemic Toxins 1
Preset 5, Day 5 – 5. Remove Systemic Toxins 2
Preset 6, Day 6 – 6.1 Remove Intestinal Toxins
Preset 7, Day 6 – 6.2 Remove Systemic Toxins 3
Preset 8, Day 7 – 7. Parasites and Liver Function
Preset 9, Day 8 – 8. Kidney Function 1
Preset 10, Day 9 – 9.1 Kidney Function 2
Preset 11, Day 9 – 9.2 Cleanse Blood
Preset 12, Day 10 – 10.1 Kidney and Liver Toxins
Preset 13, Day 10 – 10.2 Intestinal Parasites
Preset 14, Day 11 – 11.1 Lymphatic System 1
Preset 15, Day 11 – 11.2 Lymphatic System 2

The above information is from the Presets/Chains box under the Presets tab. If the presets change in the future, you can adjust the process knowing where it came from.

Then, you can go to the Control tab and enter the preset number into the Preset field. After updating the Preset number, click another field (like Control) so that the update takes place. You should now see the preset name at the top update.

Finally, click the start button under the Control tab to resume on this day. To confirm that all is as expected, re-verify that the preset number is where you set it. If it reset back to 1 for some reason, pause the generator, update the preset number once more, click elsewhere, and then start.

Friendly reminder: When running Terrain Protocol, please avoid putting your computer into sleep mode as it may disrupt the program’s execution. Alternatively, you can choose to load Terrain Protocol into GX Pro and run it offline. For how to load programs into GX Pro, please click here.

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  1. I paused instead of stopped the terrain program and I cannot start it with the above directions. What do I do now? Thanks

    Rachel Sue Ritz
    1. Hello Rachel, you can click the pause button again, and it will resume running automatically.

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