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Does a Rife Machine Cause Harm to Normal Body Cells? 2

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Everything in the universe has a resonance frequency, including microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and more. By knowing the frequency of a particular pathogen, you can use a Rife machine to transmit that frequency into your body, causing the pathogen to vibrate. Through this vibration, the harmful pathogen is shattered into fragments, no longer posing a threat to your health. However, many people question whether this process would harm normal cells within our bodies. We will explain it in this blog.

The answer is: No, a Rife machine will not harm normal cells while targeting specific pathogens.

Firstly, normal cells and harmful microorganisms have different resonance frequencies. The Rife machine focuses on transmitting precise frequencies specific to the pathogen, causing resonance and eliminating the pathogens within your body without causing harm to normal cells. (New to Rife? Click here.)

Secondly, human body cells respond to a much higher frequency than those produced by a Rife machine and do not resonate with the frequencies produced by a Rife machine.

Thirdly, many researchers who have worked with Rife machines have been exposed to Rife frequencies for extended periods over many years without suffering any apparent ill effects. Many of the early researchers from Rife’s time lived longer than average for their generation.

However, is it normal for some people to experience symptoms such as headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting during the initial phase of Rife treatment? Does this imply that normal cells are being harmed?

It is normal. Please don’t worry about it. It is known as a “Herxheimer reaction,” (or Herx in short,) which is your body’s natural response to detoxification. Actually, a Herx reaction indicates that the programs are acting as intended but a little too fast, faster than your body can remove the toxins. Click here to learn how to reduce a Herx reaction.

In summary, a Rife machine will not cause harm to normal cells. You can also watch the video below to learn the reasons.

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  1. If the Generator X Pro scans from 41000 Hz to 18000000 Hz for pathogens, do we actually know how much higher human body cells respond to or do we have knowledge of a frequency range?

    Cristian Cojocaru
    1. Dear Cristian, this range includes the frequencies of most diseases, if you want to try a higher range of frequencies, you can modify the frequency range in the Biofeedback Scan section under the Control tab, the output range of the GX Pro is 0-40MHZ, as long as it is within this range you can go ahead and try it. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at email: [email protected], our customer service will help you to answer your questions.

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