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How to Resume Terrain Protocol 23

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The terrain remote preset runs for 11 days, and then repeats itself. Whilst this is very handy, in the real world, sometimes we need to stop and start our frequencies manually. It is comprised of 15 presets that run for either 24 hours, or 12 hours each before moving on to the next one. Days that have two 12 hours presets are marked with a x.1 and x.2 preset.

Please find below the day you were on and the corresponding preset number you wish to return to:

Preset 1, Day 1 – 1. Remove Metals
Preset 2, Day 2 – 2. Remove Metals
Preset 3, Day 3 – 3. Remove Chemical Materials
Preset 4, Day 4 – 4. Remove Systemic Toxins 1
Preset 5, Day 5 – 5. Remove Systemic Toxins 2
Preset 6, Day 6 – 6.1 Remove Intestinal Toxins
Preset 7, Day 6 – 6.2 Remove Systemic Toxins 3
Preset 8, Day 7 – 7. Parasites and Liver Function
Preset 9, Day 8 – 8. Kidney Function 1
Preset 10, Day 9 – 9.1 Kidney Function 2
Preset 11, Day 9 – 9.2 Cleanse Blood
Preset 12, Day 10 – 10.1 Kidney and Liver Toxins
Preset 13, Day 10 – 10.2 Intestinal Parasites
Preset 14, Day 11 – 11.1 Lymphatic System 1
Preset 15, Day 11 – 11.2 Lymphatic System 2

The above information was taken out of the Presets/Chains box on the Presets tab and marked up some. Just in case the presets change in the future, you can adapt the process knowing where it came from.

Now that you know what preset # you wish to return to, you will want to head over to the generator control window and enter this # into the Preset field located just below Dwell and Step. After updating the Preset #, click on another field (like Step) so that the update takes place. You should now see the preset name at the top update.


Then click start to resume on this day. To confirm that all is as expected, re-verify that the preset # is where you set it. If for some reason it reset back to 1, pause the generator, update the preset # once more, click elsewhere, and then un-pause.

Authored by Jeff Kaczor
Source: https://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8867

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  1. Great to know this in case you need to pause during the Terrain. I did not know how to do this. Thank you.

    Silvana Cornale
    1. Yes,you can resume terrain protocol when there is some reason cause terrain protocol stopping.

  2. I tried this, but it keeps going back to preset 1 every time i hit pause and then restart by hitting pause again

    1. Hi, Nan, which software version you use? We also recommend to update your software and if it doesn’t help, please contact service on the site and they will help.

  3. I am using a GeneraterX on remote and I do not see the options of, ‘Dwell’, ‘Step’ and ‘Prestep’ anywhere on my GeneraterX Menu.
    How do I find day 8 and start there?

    1. Hi, it is under control tab and you need to click generator channel then you can see it.

  4. Can I restart the terrain protocol again? I was unsure of what I was doing and stopped it after 40 mins. I didn’t realise it was 11 days and wanted to start it again, and include my son when I did it. Is it safe to just start it again? I’m literally a beginner, with the portable essential kit.

    1. Hi Ellouise, please don’t worry , you can start it again

  5. Hi there – I started the Terrain frequencies on a Sunday afternoon, had been checking my computer every day, a few times a day to see the progress and today (Wednesday) the program stopped I guess. No error or anything.

    Talking to family virtually, they noted how I can get back to the approximate set/day of frequencies I was at. But regarding where it stopped, the program showed no error or history on what it ran so far and had as results.
    Am I going to have to run this 11 day one again to capture full results? (I recently bought the XM generator with the starter kit, and the software download is the newest on the site.)

    1. Hi, please do not worry. Just resume from the program you have stopped. No influence would be brought on your result of running Terrain Protocol.

  6. Once all presets are selected and stored, how do I run them? What do I use, and how do I remain 11 days tied to them? Am I missing something? Nowhere have I seen an answer to this. As a matter of fact, some videos on performing terrain, are not available since the links to access them are not working..

    Based on recommendations, terrain should be the first step to perform, and then follow with other tasks. Is there a faster way to clean our system up so that we can really focus on any ailments which we want to attack? In my personal case, it’s COPD, which everything I’ve read or seen, gives me an indication of the tasks I need to perform and which I will gladly begin once I start using my Spooky2 Central.

    Thanks for your comments.

    1. Hi, thanks for your reminding. We will fix these invaild links ASAP. If your disease is not so serious, we still recommend you run terrain as the first step. Detoxification is important before you run any Rife treatment programs. For now, there is no faster way to cover it. But if your symptoms are very serious, you could run the programs you want directly, skipping over terrain.
      About the first problem, hope this blog will help you:https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-load-and-run-terrain-protocol-using-generatorx/
      Any other question, you could send to [email protected], they will be kind to help you at any time.

  7. How quickly do I feel symptoms after starting terrain protocol

    Carolynn Ballantyne
    1. Hi, it varies from person to person. Some people may complete it without any herx reaction. Please ensure enough water consumption during your treatment:)
      There is one blog that tell you how to deal with her reaction in detail: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-reduce-herx-reaction/

  8. Does this work for remote as well?
    My power went off for a moment and I’d like to go back to day 8, but can’t see any box under Dwell and Step…
    Thank you for your help.

    1. nevermind, found it!! 🙂

      1. Okay, glad to know:)💕👍

  9. Hi – I’ve been running Terrain Protocol now for 11 days and not taking too much notice until 2 days ago when I realised it was on 7. Parasites and liver function – it is still showing this and doesn’t look like it intends moving on. Should I stop it and restart on 8?

    1. Hi, Cliff. Please check with this list:
      The list of daily schedules for programs in this preset:
      Preset 1: Day 1 – Remove Metals (runs for 24 hours)
      Preset 2: Day 2 – Remove Metals (runs for 24 hours)
      Preset 3: Day 3 – Remove Chemical Materials (runs for 24 hours)
      Preset 4: Day 4 – Remove Systemic Toxins 1 (runs for 24 hours)
      Preset 5: Day 5 – Remove Systemic Toxins 2 (runs for 24 hours)
      Preset 6: Day 6 – Remove Intestinal Toxins (runs for 12 hours)
      Preset 7: Day 6 – Remove Systemic Toxins 3 (runs for 12 hours)
      Preset 8: Day 7 – Parasites and Liver Function (runs for 24 hours)
      Preset 9: Day 8 – Kidney Function 1 (runs for 24 hours)
      Preset 10: Day 9 – Kidney Function 2 (runs for 12 hours)
      Preset 11: Day 9 – Cleanse Blood (runs for 12 hours)
      Preset 12: Day 10 – Kidney and Liver Toxins (runs for 12 hours)
      Preset 13: Day 10 – Intestinal Parasites (runs for 12 hours)
      Preset 14: Day 11 – Lymphatic System 1 (runs for 12 hours)
      Preset 15: Day 11 – Lymphatic System 2 (runs for 12 hours)
      If you get out of sync, you can adjust it manually.

  10. Hello, this is my first post here as I am new to Spooky2. I have a question regarding the lights on the Remote unit.
    Is there a section somewhere on what the various light sequences mean?
    When I started running the Terrain Protocol both the lights on the Remote were on. I am now on day 9 & set the Generator X to “running” & the lights have gone out. I then attempted to go back to a previous day & the lights were blinking alternately.
    Or should I ignore the lights as I know the Remote is working, as I have read that they go out if the frequency that is running is low.
    Thank you for your advice, Mark

    1. Hi, the remote light will change depending on the frequencies you are running. See more details about the working theory of remote light from this blog: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/what-does-your-spooky2-remote-led-light-indicate/

  11. I was almost finished with preset 4 and had to reboot my system. Is there a way to only do 4 more hours of preset 4 (versus having to redo the full 24 hours) and then continue with the remaining protocol?

    Kelly Swanson
    1. Dear Kelly, you can do that. However, you need to change the preset you want to use manually. You can describe your problem in detail, and send them to [email protected]. Please kindly note that it is best to add some pictures or videos. Hope this suggestion may help you!

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