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Why is Terrain Protocol the First Step? 12

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At Spooky2, we always recommend our users to run the Terrain Protocol Preset for detoxification before starting their Rife frequency treatment. Many Spooky2 users do not understand why the Terrain Protocol is best to run as the first preset. The answer is actually quite simple. Detoxification is important before you run any Rife treatment programs.

Many people may not notice the fact that they have toxins build up in their body system. These excess toxins will actually cause physical and mental health problems such as chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia and conditions. Many of these toxins come from things that you use or consume every day. For example, food, water, beauty and personal care products. Your surrounding environment may also affect your health conditions.

With all the toxins accumulated in your body system, Rife frequency energy cannot pass through your cells and organs effectively. Therefore, we recommend running the Terrain Protocol Preset to prepare your body for Rife treatment programs.

What is Spooky2 Terrain Protocol Preset?

This protocol was developed by Johann Stegmann based on his experience of treating people’s chronic condition using Spooky2. He found that people responded better to Rife frequency treatment when common toxins and parasites eliminated beforehand. The first Terrain protocol was a document that described programs to run on a daily basis. These programs selected by Johann are incorporated into the Spooky2 Terrain protocol presets. It treats you from the small up to the large and helps you to detox from flukes, parasites to heavy metals and other things.

How does Terrain Protocol work?

The Terrain Protocol Preset (Terrain (R) – BY) carefully steps through the detoxification process, removing heavy metals, chemicals, systemic toxins and parasites. Liver, kidney and lymphatic function can also be improved after the Terrain.

The duration of the Terrain Protocol is 11 days, after which it loops back to the beginning. During this time, the preset will automatically change settings to suit the treatment type. To do this, the preset contains several smaller presets, each loading after the other. It can be run on a single Spooky2 Remote but is enhanced if you run it concurrently with either Plasma, Scalar, Contact, Laser, or Coil mode.

There are 3 types of the Terrain protocol: the original protocol (Terrain, 11 days), a version without the mercury-detox frequencies (Terrain-Mercury, 11 days), and a version that does not kill bacteria or parasites (Terrain-Nonviolent, 10 days).

When running the Terrain protocol, make sure you keep yourself well hydrated to aid the elimination of toxins from your body.

Watch the following videos for Terrain Protocol instructions

If you have one generator, there are three ways to run Terrain Protocol:
1. Remote mode only.
2. Plasma mode + Remote mode.
3. Contact mode + Remote mode.

This video shows how to run Terrain Protocol BY in Remote mode using one generator:
How to Run Terrain Protocol in Remote Mode Using One Generator

This video shows how to run Terrain Protocol BY in Plasma or Contact mode using one generator:
How to Run Terrain Protocol BY in Plasma or Contact Mode Using One Generator

If you have two generators, there are two ways to run Terrain Protocol:
Plasma mode + Remote mode,
Contact mode + Remote mode.

This video shows how to run Terrain Protocol BY in Plasma or Contact mode using two generators:
How to Run Terrain Protocol Using Two Generators

FAQs of Terrain Protocol

Q: How can I resume my Terrain Protocol if my laptop accidentally shuts down?
A: It is always important to note which day you are on when running the Terrain Protocol so that you can start from the step you were at before. Here is a blog that demonstrates how you can resume your Terrain Protocol:

Q: Does the Terrain Protocol automatically stop?
A: The protocol repeats indefinitely unless the user stops it or the computer malfunctions. If you run in Remote mode, it loops itself once 11 days over and you need to manually stop it.

Q: Will running Terrain affect any medications you are taking?
A: No. The Terrain will help remove any toxins from your body. Meds are also toxins, but it takes a while for the body to remove them, even with the Terrain running. If you are worried, you can run the Terrain-Nonviolent preset.

Q: What do you do if you cannot handle Terrain?
A: It is important that you stay hydrated when running Terrain Protocol. You may also pause it at any time to take a break. Plenty of people really struggle with the terrain and it’s a hardcore detox so listen to your body if you need to take it slow. If your reactions are strong, run Herx Helper (Herxheimer Helper) program.

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  1. How long should I let it run for? And how often? I have no ill effects from it running and am now on day 15. In the past I have run it for 11 and 22 days. Can I over due it? Thanks for your thoughts. K

    1. Hi, 11 days as a cycle. And how often you run terrain protocol depends on your need. There is no restrict limit. Of course you can overdo it. Some Spooky2 users will run terrain protocol continuously and run other programs on another generator. Please do not need to worry:)

  2. Do you have Information like this for morgellons and Lyme protocol?

    1. Dear Sarah, thanks for your support! Of course, you can watch this training course of morgellons and Lyme protocol here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKyb75FhcpI&t=261s. Hope it helps. Any questions, feel free to contact our email: [email protected].:)

  3. Can you run the original terrain if you have mercury dental/cavity fillings?

    1. Dear Cristina, if the material of your dental filling is mercury-related, we prefer that you use the Terrain-Mercury Protocol preset. Hope it helps. Any questions, feel free to contcat us via email: [email protected].

  4. Do I keep Terrain running 24 hours a day for 11 days, or a set time during waking hours?

    1. Dear Shirley, we recommend that you run in remote mode 24/7 for 11 days, but of course, if you want to run while awake that’s fine too, you can set it up manually. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected].

  5. For those getting started – here’s how I approached the initial detox … when first getting started using the terrain protocol I had some uncomfortable herx reactions so I switched to the low power version (remote) and I also pause in between preset days. That has helped me self-manage the program so I don’t take in more than what my body can handle. I look forward to clearing out toxins overall so I can move on towards specific healing frequencies that I have researched.

    1. Hi friend, thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful day! 🙂

  6. What kind of reactions will i feel? What should i expect to feel like by doing the 11 day remote detox?

    1. Hello Sally, during your Terrain Protocol, you may experience a Herxheimer reaction, characterized by symptoms such as fatigue or listlessness. If these occur, it’s advisable to pause the program temporarily and take a break. To alleviate these reactions, consider running the “Herx Helper” on another generator. This can help manage and reduce the symptoms effectively. Hope it helps.

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