Q: Can you use cold laser to imprint frequencies into water?

A: Yes, you can. And it's actually very good. I’ve already touched on the Spooky Coil, and that can be used for imprinting frequencies to the water. You can also use cold laser. Possibly the best way would be using Spooky2 Cold Laser Wrist, because of the fact that it’s so large.

You can have a small glass of water. You can put it on the top of the water, so they can get benefit of five cold lasers all working together with coherent light placing over the top. The cold laser is a very good way of applying frequencies into the water. It’s actually better than the coil, where it can take only something like 10 seconds for the fast frequencies / the high frequencies. If you want to put lower frequencies into water, you choose the treatment time over perhaps an hour to the very low frequencies.

For viewers who aren’t very familiar with imprinting frequencies into the water, the idea is you treat the water, and then you drink a small part of the water. And that's the convenient way of applying the frequencies directly into your body internally. So yes, laser can be used for imprinting frequencies and they can be done so very efficiently.

Q: Can I imprint frequency to water by PEMF coil?

A: Yes, you can. This is why there's a whole in the middle. This hole was put there so people can put little vials of water inside. The idea is put this down on the table, put the vial inside the whole, then you run the frequencies.

If you want to do a larger amount of water, you put the coil there, and then you put the cup on the hole, or the water vessel on the top of the coil. And that works pretty well. And you just connect it to the generator and run the frequencies used to imprint in the water.

Q: What is best way to imprint frequencies into water?

A: What I have to really cover is this fact that many people are shining the cold laser through the glass into the water, and we feel that many glasses tend to filter out the beneficial frequencies. Quartz glass, glasses that are taking lead, they would be certainly filter out many of these beneficial frequencies. And so we recommend you shine the light directly into the water from the top.

Q: Is it better to imprint from the Central or the generator?

A: Generally speaking, it is better to imprint from the generator. Plasma is a broad-spectrum transmission device. You can put a nice clean frequency into a plasma tube, and what you get out is a Smorgasbord of harmonics from the tube. When you imprint frequencies into the water, generally, the idea is to put known frequencies into the water. If you are using your plasma, you are putting a whole lot of frequencies into the water. So it may or may not be what you want to do. So most people will use coil or the Spooky2 cold laser to imprint frequencies.
However, Spooky Central is the most powerful tool you can use for the very serious conditions, such as the very serious cancers. If you are currently treating yourself with Spooky Central, it may be a wonderful idea to have a vial of water nearby, and treat that whilst treating yourself with the plasma tube, and then between sessions you can drink that water.

Spooky is wonderful for experimentation, and we get a lot of feedback from people for ideas, so this maybe an idea where you can treat yourself with plasma during one session and then you can also treat yourself between sessions with water that has been imprinted with exactly the same frequencies that you have applied.

Q: When we imprint frequencies into water using cold laser, can we repeat the sequence to our desired number of times? Is there any difference in the imprinted water efficiency?

A: You can repeat a sequence a number of times, but we don't recommend you to do so.
We recommend you to select the program, and you can run a certain frequency for a long period of time. The slow frequencies need longer treatment into the water.

If you are running a low frequency like 7.83hz, you may need to treat for a day even at the low frequency to imprint the frequencies into the water. And so if you have the slow frequency as well as several higher frequencies, you can just put them into one program set, and run them. At the end of the day, you have these frequencies embedded into the water.

There's no benefit in having repeat sequences, because the water retain the frequencies any way, so it would be better, in my mind, to one frequency step to the next, get them in series, then you know you will get them all in there. The water will retain them. And then you drink the water, or you apply the water, then you will be applying the frequencies that have been put into the water. So there wouldn’t be any benefit in repeating the sequence.

Q: Can the coil imprint molecular weight frequencies and base pair frequencies into water?

A: The coil can be used to imprint any frequencies into the water, including molecular weight frequencies and base pair frequencies that are in Spooky2 frequency database. Researches have gone into Giga HZ range of frequencies that is way beyond what Spooky2 does. So there's no restriction on the frequencies that’s supplied to the water.

Q: Is it recommended to use colloidal silver to imprint?

A: As I understand, you can imprint any liquids. Most people use water, because it's convenient. And they use pure water because of the fact that it is more effective when you take it internally.

I can't think of any reason why colloidal silver can't be used for frequencies imprinting. The colloidal silver preset that comes within Spooky2 is based on the research paper that found there was actually an ideal frequency to create the silver and more than that an ideal waveform to ensure there's no buildup of sludge on the electrodes that are making the colloidal silver. But that's really looking at the ideal way of creating colloidal silver rather than imprinting a frequency for treatment. I guess you can modify the preset that comes within the Spooky2 software, and apply different frequencies using same waveform, but I’m not sure whether the colloidal silver would be of the same quality, because it is not the optimum frequency.

But if the colloidal silver has already been made and would be subsequently apply the frequencies using Spooky2 cold laser. I don't see any reason why not. So it might be one of the things where you can do two things at once.

You are ingesting the colloidal silver that has got very strong anti-bacteria properties and you are also ingesting using these frequencies internally.

Q: How to store structured/imprinted water?

A: Storage in a blue cobalt container is best from my research.

Keeping imprinted water away from new sources of imprinting will allow it to retain the information longer. Yelling at water will deconstruct the imprinting for instance, and saying words of gratitude over water will add to it.

Suggest that one consume imprinted water immediately for best results, and within a week or less if stored.Cold Laser