The answer is no.
1. A full system scan is already by nature graded. The full scan is 3800 frequencies, completely sorted and covers all frequencies because we have provided an Octal range and the correct step size to ensure every frequency scanned has overlapping resonate ranges.

2. To grade the above scan results is a waste of time. They are already the top 20 or 100 of 3800 frequencies, pre-sorted.

3. The frequencies we use in the scan all have a minimum of a +- 19 Hz or greater response range. To optimize them to within 2 points of decimal accuracy is unnecessary.

The best strategy is to take the scan results and apply them using an existing Shell (empty) preset using your preferred method.

You may wish to experiment with the advanced settings of the preset, but it is best to start with a generic empty preset until you are more familiar with Spooky.

Authored by: Jeff Kaczor