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Experiment on Frequency Imprinting: Does Imprinted Water Work? 15

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Frequency imprinting is a good way of receiving benefits from frequency. Instead of running frequencies directly on people using a frequency generator, you can imprint frequencies into the water with Spooky2 and then drink during the day.

Some people are skeptical about the effectiveness of drinking imprinted water. So, our Spooky2 team choose to use plant as an example to tell you the facts.

We chose the natural heartbeat frequency of Earth, 7.83Hz, to imprint into water. We chose two segments of evergreen vine that were similar in health and growth as the experiment objects.

The experiment began on August 11, 2021.

(Left bottle is filled with tap water. Right bottle is filled with 7.83Hz-imprinted water)

After changing the water for half a month, we could see that there had been an obvious difference in the growth of the two plants. Plants nourished by imprinted water grew more luxuriantly, with more beautiful leaves and rhizomes. The pictures below were shot on August 26.

(Left bottle is filled with tap water. Right bottle is filled with 7.83Hz-imprinted water)

Until now, which is November 4, the difference between these two plants has become more apparent. The plant on the right has more lush rhizomes, almost 2-3 times the size of the left. The leaves also grow more prosperous.

(Left bottle is filled with tap water. Right bottle is filled with 7.83Hz-imprinted water)

In summary, this experiment proved that imprinted water does exist and has its positive effect on living creatures. So, Spooky2 friends, don’t hesitate about the effect of imprinted water anymore, come and practice it!

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  1. This is very confusing. Our planet is said to be resonating at 7.83Hz that Nikola Tesla calculated back in the 1890s and the vibrations go through everything, stone, wood, flesh, water…….. So what is the point of imprinting the 7.83 frequency on a bottle of water given that it is subjected to those vibrations in any case?

    B R Babic

    Branko Richard Babbic
    1. This is a very natural power, which is the earth’s choice. If this power can be maintained all the time, the creatures in nature will be in the optimal state of growth.

    2. https://www.vedaaustin.com/copy-of-media
      Intelligence of water
      This is very interesting think I’ll test it with my spooky2

    3. I’m new to this topic but I believe a plant that is not growing from the Earth (in a container) is not grounded or not connected to that flow of energy. The pulse is also disrupted by other, man-made frequencies like cell tower radiation, etc. In a similar way, humans are disconnected from the Earth’s energy flow by layers of concrete and shoes. Then we are also bombarded by other energy sources from the man-made environment. In this tiny experiment, the water was imprinted with the Earth’s frequency which is what that plant was missing. I suppose a plant suffering from some kind of an infection could have just as well been treated with water that held a different frequency, one that was unfriendly to that pathogen.

    4. In our modern world, we go out of synch ……as do our house plants and pets. Returning to synch is highly beneficial for sleeping, and health. I love this experiment. Thank you

      1. Hi, thanks for your support and affirmation! So great that you can get some interesting information from this experiment:)🥰

    5. The water in a typical home is also subjected to varying forms of EMF radiation. Also, the 7.83hz seems to be fully realized if you, or any substance is completing the circuit between the ground and the ionosphere. We fully experience that frequency if we “ground” ourselves and walk barefoot on the earth. A glass or potted plant will not be grounded in this way, and not complete that circuit.

  2. can we use spooky 2 charged water for treatment of 4th stage cancer

    1. Yes, it can be used as a good habit you stick to for a long time, and it has a subtle effect on you. But we still recommend that you use it in conjunction with the machine.

  3. Were there any other differences between the two glasses of water? Was the one on the right purified in any way to remove clorination? Two samples is an extremely small scientific study.

    1. Hi, the only difference between these two glasses of water is that the water on the right was been imprinted frequencies. No else difference exists.

  4. How often was the water changed during this time? How do I select 7.83 Hz? What is the program name, and What is the Preset? How long was the program run? Do you have a video on how to do this with an XM?

    Jean M Mercaldi
  5. https://www.vedaaustin.com/copy-of-media
    Intelligence of water
    This is very interesting think I’ll test it with my spooky2

  6. Can you please give an example of which type of frequencies I would use on my water bottle?

    1. Hi, any frequency can be imprinted on your water, but healing frequencies will be better recommended, like Schuman frequencies, solfeggio frequencies…

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