It is important to run the Terrain Detox Protocols before anything else when you first get your Spooky2 kit. For more detail, please go to this link:

This is what the late Johann Stegmann had to say on the topic:

Detox is an essential part of Rifing, yet very few people detox. I have received nails from many people over the 3 years I have been treating people and it has now become standard practice that I will detox them and run them for mercury before Tania does her first scan. If any of these are present it prevents Tania from doing a proper scan. It obscures her view and makes her very nauseas and it is not fair to Tania to experience something bad when she does a scan. They all need these two and some has it very severe. I normally run people for these two for 2 days nonstop on spooky. There were some I had to run for much longer.

Healing cannot take place if toxins or mercury are present. Therefore run these two for at least two days before you treat yourself or anybody else the first time.

During treatment this obviously varies. If you are killing pathogens then you need to detox after you killed them. I would say run programs to kill these pathogens for 3 days and then run detox for one day before continue with the pathogen killing. Or you can run detox whilst you are running the pathogen killing programs. That is what I normally do. For this you need more than one device.

For any detox I run Detox Toxins Elimination 2 - XTRA and for Mercury I run Mercury Toxicity V - CAFL. For Lyme I will also use Interleukin - PROV.

When you run detox the liver comes under pressure as the liver is doing most of the work and the kidney to some extent. It is always the liver and sometimes the kidney. I then run Liver Function Balance - XTRA and Detox 3 Toxins in the Kidney and Liver. I will normally run the detox and liver programs on other devices at the same time - every say 3rd day - and continue with the main programs for the condition I am treating.

People forget that the lymph system is very much part of the cleaning /detox system of the body. So I also run Lymphs and Detox - CAFL also from time to time.

When you are treating intestinal problems it is good to run Detox 1 Toxins in the Intestine - CAFL.

What I did notice is that Tania will see toxins but the person will not experience pain when these toxins are present. Thus they will not know or be aware that they have toxin buildup. Only in very severe cases and in Lyme they will experience pain. So best to as a matter of routine to run these detox programs.

Authored by Jeff Kaczor