Spooky2 GeneratorX can run programs standalone without a computer. It can load up to 30 presets into GX. Many users owning GX ask about how to load Terrain Protocol into GX. As Terrain Protocol is a preset chain, composed of 15 programs, each preset needs to be loaded separately. The following instruction will show you how to load Terrain presets into GX.

Load Single Preset into GX
First, make sure your GX is detected by Spooky2 software. Choose Detox, Remote, Terrain (R) - BY preset, then go to Control tab, tick Allow Generator Overwrites, and choose a generator button. After the first preset is loaded, click the Load button to load this preset.

Then double click a place to load the first preset. Click Save button to save the loading preset into GX. The first preset 1. Remove Metals has been loaded into GX successfully. 

If you want to load the second preset into GX, you can enter 2 after Preset here, then click the Control tab, you will see now it shows 2. Remove Metals, which is the second preset in Terrain Protocol. 

Then click Load button, double click the second place to load the new preset and click Save button. The second preset will be loaded into GX. You can load the remaining presets into GX in the way. If you would like to load the 6th preset into GX, you enter 6 after Preset, then click Control tab to refresh the loading preset. Click Load button will load this preset into GX.

Paste Entire Terrain Protocol into GX
For your ease of use, we have prepared a GX memory file for terrain protocol for you. You only need to download and paste it to your GX. The entire protocol will be transferred to your GX.

First, download the GX memory file from the below link into your computer.

Go to the Control tab, click Paste, then choose GenMem4, and open it.

After all the presets are loaded, you can unplug GX from your computer and restart your GX. You will see all the presets in the Terrain Protocol are loaded into your GX.

Run Terrain Protocol with GX in Standalone
If you run Terrain Protocol with Spooky2 software, most presets run for 24hours, and all presets will run automatically. However, with GX, after the first preset running for 24hours, you need to stop the program manually. And choose the second preset to run another 24hours, then choose the third preset to run.

Please check this video about how to load and run terrain protocol using GeneratorX