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Saving Lives on Your Behalf


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We are raising money to save lives on your behalf. You can save 15 lives with just $1.

We aim to raise $1,000. If you want to support our cause, make a donation here.


883 in stock


Life release is not only an opportunity to help people nurture compassion and learn to respect life but also a way to return energy to the biosphere and the Earth.

We organize life-release activities with our staff and their family every month, during which we free the fish we have bought from the market into a river. They were about to be put on the dinner table as food, but now they can be free. Watching those fish swim freely and gleefully in the river, we know we have done the right thing. The experience is an unforgettable memory every participant will cherish forever.

Join us to save more lives and end their suffering. With only $1, you can save 15 lives. Please help us reach our $1,000 fundraising goal. We can save 15,000 lives together! Let’s return more energy to Earth, create a better environment with positive vibes, and help everyone live happier and healthier.

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