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Spooky Boost v3.0


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Spooky Boost v3.0

Improve the power and effectiveness of your Spooky rig.

Designed by the creator of Spooky and Spooky2.

Spooky Boost v3.0 is a cheap but must-have accessory for your Spooky2 system.

It cleverly combines the power of both output channels of your generator to give up to 4 times the output power without the clutter of cables, and has additional ports that offer exciting new abilities to Spooky.

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Spooky Boost v3.0


Spooky Boost v3.0 expands the capabilities of your Spooky generator. Simply plug into the generator’s output channels.

No cables. No fuss. No worries.


Spooky Boost v3.0 will provide you with:

1. Boosted power for either Spooky Remotes or contact mode operation.

2. Regular sockets for lower power use.

3. Colloidal Silver socket for making top-grade Colloidal Silver.

Safely make true Colloidal Silver that is fresher and better than most commercially available products, at a fraction of the cost.

4. Safe extended period Contact Mode treatments.

Your Spooky Remotes can plug directly into Spooky Boost v3.0 without cables.

The price includes one Spooky Boost v3.0 and simple, easy to follow instructions.

Shipping is cheaper if combined with other items. Most customers receive their order within a week.

We send orders as soon as possible to minimise any delays.

All Spooky products are sold with marginal profits. Any profits are put into further research or the Rife Trust for Mankind.

Please support our cause.

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Customer Reviews

Great Addition to the Spooky2 Lineup Review by King
Great for removing the "clutter" of cables and wires and reducing your Spooky's footprint. No need to switch red and blue cable ends when switching remotes (forgot that a few times). A very inexpensive "must have" especially if adding new generators to your lineup. Note: Suggest placing a black dot below MN output label if, like me, you occasionally have a hard time remembering which remote goes were - MN (black) remote. (Posted on 10/20/2015)

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