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Bruna’s Spooky miracle

– [ ] On December 2018, I went to spend time with Bruna, an 87 year old woman living in a small apartment alone. The evening after Christmas she fell and although she did not break any bones, her lower back hurt really bad. She had trouble laying in bed, standing up, sitting, she could hardly walk. Every morning, as I was helping her to stand up from bed, she asked me for pain killers which she took 4 times a day. Without telling her, I decided to use the Spooky XM on the Arnica setting to see if it could help in her recovery. To get her nails for the remote, I told her that she was scratching my arms every time I helped her. I put the nails in the remote, and set the Arnica program as she went to bed. The next morning, as I opened my eyes, she was standing next to my sofa bed in the living room. That morning, she did not wait for me to help her out of her bed and walk together to the living room. Also, she did not ask right away for pain killers. I did not tell her anything about using the Spooky on her. In the evening, I put the Arnica program on her again. The next morning, as I woke up, I saw her sitting in an armchair across my bed. She told me, to my surprise, that she wanted to go out by herself to buy meat. I laughed. I knew she could not do that even with my help, but I appreciated her new state of mind. To me it was the clear beginning of her recovery. A final detail to this story. The next day, I met Bruna’s doctor, Violana, a good friend of mine, in a parking lot. I told her this story in all its details. She was impressed but looked a bit skeptical. It was too hard to believe that two treatments with the Spooky would help an old lady so much.

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rolando dal pezzo

Years of problems helped by Spooky2

I had learned about Rife technology about 15 years ago while living in California by a scientist who explained how it worked and showed me her machine which she said she had paid about $10,000 dollars for. I was not able to afford that so I put it out of my mind. Earlier this year I found out about Spooky2 and started to look into getting a machine for myself. I was experiencing many health problems including strange pains that seemed to move around, autoimmune problems, inability to concentrate, gastrointestinal issues, severe headaches, gluten sensitivity, leaky gut, stiffness in my right lung area, a constant tickle in my throat, gallbladder and liver problems, sleeping issues, and degenerative bone in my upper jaw. I purchased the Spooky Generator X and a Scalar set.
I learned to use it by watching the videos and downloaded the software onto a computer dedicated to only using Spooky2. I ran the biofeedback every 5 days and then would run whichever frequencies it suggested. Sometimes I would put the tens pads in the waist area, the hip area or the shoulder area to get different readings. I also took binders such as charcoal and zeolite because I knew I had metals and metal allergies. I have been improving and now have no headaches, sleep much better, have stopped having degeneration in my gums, healed an infection in my reproductive organs, my gallbladder and liver function is better, the stiffness in my lung and back have subsided and I have been able to have more successful adjustments at the chiropractor because my neck and back areas are loosened up, and I have not had any throat issues. This is particularly good because I am a singer and it was causing me sever problems with singing previously.
I am so grateful for the people at Spooky2 who have created this affordable and effective technology which has saved me so much pain and discomfort. I have also been able to create programs to help with weight loss, creativity, bone building and better concentration. Very remarkable technology, I hope everyone who needs this can get a machine to help them. The Scalar has completely enhanced my sleep and excelerated my healing process.

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Michele Brickham

My Spooky2 Creative Video

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Beatriz Corpa


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Dying chick to healthy growing chicken

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Karine Johnson

Post Nasal drip

I have only had my Spooky2 GenX since July 2020. I have learned a lot with the help of videos and online support and started with the Terrain detox as recommended. Since then I have done several biofeedbacks on myself and friends as well as trying several frequencies for other issues. The one thing I had instant success with was when I had a runny nose all night long and went through almost a box of kleenex. The first thing I did in the morning was to use the cold laser twin in my nostrils. I was totally amazed, my nose stopped the constant drip. I did still had to blow my nose a few times throughout the day, so I ran it again in the early evening and slept the whole night without having to blow my nose. The next day I was completely clear. If it happens again, I will run the program right away.
I love my GenX and have purchased a couple more generators, saving to buy the Scalar next. Thank you Spooky2!

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Debi Baldwin

my story with Spooky2


You want to forget the bad memories as soon as possible and follow your quiet path in life. But we still have to pass them on as life experiences and so we can help others.
This is my life experience:

A year ago I faced major health problems. I had a diabetic coma with hyperglycemia of 600 mg / dl. I lost 10 kg in 2 months, my general condition was very bad, dizziness, vomiting, inability to speak, articulate words, unbearable pain, the diagnosis was totally unfavorable – diabetic neuropathy. I’ve never abuse food, I did not smoke, did not drink alcohol or coffee. Suddenly my life collapsed, I could not sleep even though I was drowsy, due to unbearable pain, on any side I sat I felt I was losing consciousness of pain. We made several tests and all came out negative. I realized after a CT scan that everything happened due to food poisoning. I guess from a juice drunk with friends. Since then I have had weakness throughout the body, with memory loss, vomiting and unbearable pain (especially the legs and spine), I could not bear the slightest touch. I kept a very strict diet but without any improvement. I had to do something to detoxify my body. So I bought a Spooky2 device with colloidal silver accessories. Since I could no longer carry out any activity, I used the Spooky device programmed on the biofeedbeack therapy almost all day and all night and consumed 50 ml of water with colloidal silver every 4 hours. Progress was small at first, but it was a stagnant state of the disease. After a week I could speak normally, without effort, I could articulate the words and after two months the pain was completely gone, my voice became puffy again, I could shout, without any pain. After 6 months of treatment I returned to normal body weight. Now I feel perfect, without pain, everything has remained just a memory that I never want to relive. When friends hurt you, turn to Spooky2, he is the most faithful and intelligent friend.

Thanks a lot Spooky!


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Spooky2-The ultimate Rife machine for killing pathogens and detoxification

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Margaret Munn

Spooky2 brings my family new hope

Hi I had a heart attack in 2017, after running tests they found I had colon cancer, my cousin asked me to go to his clinic and do some cleansing, while I was there they hooked me up to a Spooky2 frequency generator, I decided to get one and his wife helped me order one, after that I have bought several, I now have 9 Spooky2 XM and one Spooky2 GX, I now have over 50 patients, and they are receiving great benefits, the most recently one came in 6 weeks ago with a child with Cerebral Palsy, after the fist treatment, (biofeedback scan) and detox protocols. That night the child moved a finger, five treatments later he is able to stand for ten minutes and he is eating by himself after over six months of zero movement in hands arms or any part of his body except from his neck up.

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Nathan L Johnson

A new healing experience, a new day and a new purpose!

It started many years ago with a deep desire for truth. The path was a little intensified when the body was no longer able to function due to pain and fatigue, with further deteriorating results from the allopathic diagnosis of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue , and the drugs prescribed to manage the pain. I was blessed to come to know a Holistic practitioner/Chiropractic Doctor, who through nutrition, literally saved my life. He passed over, and the skill of dowsing came into view, and I continued the healing path taught me. I managed and functioned, with lots of rest, further studies and further searching which lead me to Spooky2, just when I thought ” I had experienced it all,” and I was failing health wise again.
I knew instinctively the Scalar Energy held promise……I had hope!, I ordered it…..healing much skepticism and self doubt and choosing to stay positive. It was a happy day when I set up Scalar, and could immediately feel the calm energy on my wracked nervous system! Then to further experience the molecular properties of the nutrients, erased all doubt that I was on the mend again, I could look forward to enjoying life again, rather than pretend I was ok when around family and friends, then collapse when I got alone. I am still in awe, of the technology, and shared with my 84 year old friend, who has her own scalar now! She has hope of enjoying being a great grandmother for the first time!
Adding to this experience, I ordered and am using the GeneratorX and XM, remotes and experimenting with a few other wonderful tools , each day renewed hope for myself, my friends and family. I am very grateful for the technology, the effort, expertise and time all the team takes, to bring this level of healing and hope to whom ever is open to it. Heart felt gratitude …Be blessed
PS I am 74 years on this wonderful earth, and love the learning curve I am able to have as a result of all the support! Again, many thanks

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Grace Troye

A Spooky2 under every tree!

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Bruce Jessop

You won’t be as surprised as I was!

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Steve Bishop

My salvation <3 !!!

My story is related to Lyme disease. I come from Poland, I found out about Spooky2 on the forum. He has been suffering from chronic neurobolerosis for many years !!!! Nothing was helping me. Doctors also ignored my situation.
I decided to buy the Spooky2 Advanced Kit. I have been using it since January and I can see a definite improvement. I still get sick, so I still use it. It definitely helps: D !!!!
I have a friend who fell ill with neuropathy from Boleriosis. She really cares about Spooky2. She suffers a lot :(. I still can’t give her my Spooky2 yet. Thank you for creating such equipment. Best regards to all of you <3

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Klaudia Częczek

Spooky2 Scalar changes my whole life!

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Faith Schmidt

Spooky2 Rejuvenation Preset Made Me Perfect Again

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Great Success With Spooky2 Scalar on My Little Pony And Hens!

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Patricia Bechaalany

This is my true story about spooky2

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Anso de Wet

A medical experience

I am a doctor and I live in Issy les Moulineaux near Paris.
I would like to share my experience about a patient (Véronique T.) who had neuroendocrine tumors. She is a 62 year old woman, director of an elementary school.
Six months ago, during a check up with her gastroenterologist, they discovered two small intestinal tumors with liver metastases. The analysis of the intestinal biopsy samples revealed two neuroendocrine tumors. Following the results, the hospital team decided to perform a laparoscopic removal of the tumors after a three-month treatment with Sandostatin.

The operation went well but still remained the metastases of the liver.

The medical team decided to stop the Sandostatin treatment and to intervene under laparoscopy for hepatic metastases.

Review of Medical Imaging
A metastasis of a couple centimeter infiltrates the bottom part of the liver, the inferior vena cava. The team warns the patient that it will be a delicate operation (requiring a minimal of 4 hours intervention) and will be quite bloody. Three other millimeter-sized metastases formed in a group were found in an other lobe. These won’t be a problem to remove.

We had 6 weeks ahead of us to prepare the operation.

Pre-operation treatment
The bio-resonance session highlighted the presence of cytomegalovirus in the liver, pancreas, duodenum and small intestine. So, with the patient’s agreement, we decided to take action:
GenX remotes:
On the first generator: an eleven day detox treatment followed with a « maintenance » detox continuously
On the second generator: Neuroendocrine tumor program of 30 mn ETDF continuously
With the straight plasma tube, we did a DNA cytomegalovirus from John twice a week
She also follow a light diet with a minimum of 1.5 L of water a day
NB: She continued to work during theses 6 weeks.

Post-operating report
The size of the main metastasis was much smaller and was no more inside the vena cava. « She was affixed to the vein ».
The three millimeter-sized metastases were not found (they disappeared). The operation lasted only 1 hour and not 4 hours as discussed upon earlier. She lost a total of 5 cubic centimeters blood.

The patient arrived to the hospital the morning, went through the operation in the afternoon and went back home one day after.

The after-effects of the operation were simple. After one week of leave, the patient has been able to go back to work without any limitation.

The spooky equipments provided a very good care of her and I wanted to promote her story. Of course, I continue to follow her as she gets better and better.
Obviously, I continue to follow this patient (Now: drainage and healing & regeneration remote).

French text:
Je voudrais partager avec vous l’expérience d’une de mes patientes (Véronique T).
Véronique âgée de 62 ans est engagée avec passion dans sa vie de directrice d’école d’enfants de primaire. Il y a six mois, à l’occasion d’un bilan de santé, son gastro-entérologue met en évidence deux tumeurs intestinales sur le grêle avec métastases hépatiques.
L’analyse des prélèvements biopsiques intestinaux met en évidence deux tumeurs neuroendocriniennes. L’équipe de collègues hospitaliers décident de réaliser une ablation sous laparoscopie des tumeurs intestinales après cure de trois mois de Sandostatine.
Cette intervention s’est déroulée sans problème.
Restait le traitement des métastases hépatiques. Il fut décidé:
d’arrêter la sandostatine
d’intervenir sous laparoscopie les métastases hépatiques.

Bilan de l’imagerie médicale
Une métastase de quelques centimètres infiltre sur la face inférieure du fois la veine cave inférieure. On la prévient que cette intervention sera délicate (elle demandera quatre heures d’intervention) et particulièrement sanglante.
Trois autres métastases millimétriques regroupées dans un autre lobe. Celles-ci ne devraient pas poser de problème interventionnel.
Nous avions six semaines devant nous pour préparer cette intervention délicate.
La séance de biorésonnance mettait en évidence la présence de cytomégalovirus dans le foie, le pancreas, le duodenum, l’intestin grêle.

Programme réalisé avec l’accord de cette patiente:
1) En remote (GenX):
Un premier générateur: une cure de detox terrain de 11 jours suivie du drainage detox maintenance en cures continues
Un second générateur: le programme Neuroendocrine tumors de 30 mn ETDF.
2) Avec le plasma tube droit, deux cures par semaine ADN cytomégalovirus de John.
3) Alimentation légère avec hydratation d’un litre et demi par jour.
A noter que l’activité professionnelle est continuée.

Compte rendu opératoire:
La tumeur métastatique principale est réduite de volume et n’infiltre plus la veine cave inférieure. « Elle est apposée sur la veine ».
Les tumeurs millimétriques ne sont plus retrouvées.
L’intervention n’a duré que 1 heure et non quatre!
Perte de sang de 5 centimètre cube.
La personne est entrée à l’hôpital en début de matinée, opérée l’après-midi et rentre chez elle le surlendemain.

Les suites opératoires ont été simples. Après une semaine d’arrêt, la patiente a repris son activité professionnelle.

Excellent succès de la prise en charge thérapeutique spooky.
Evidemment, je continue de suivre cette patiente (drainage et healing & regeneration remote).

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Philippe Goëb

I feel more energetic after using Spooky2 GX essential kit

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Shannon Horton

In May of this year

In May of this year I thought i was having a heart attack at age 66. So did my natural path Practitioner. He immediately sent me to emerge. Nothing was picked up there. Two weeks later , so so sick still, I went back to my naturopath practitioner . He found out that I had pericarditis. (Infection of the paracadium , the protective outter layer of the heart ). Very tired , lots of annoying continuous cheast pain, and being told it may be my new normal. Sad to think I no longer would jog again, continue my love of fitness and many of my outdoor activities, I took some Of his remedies And was somewhat improving however still pain in my heart and cheast . I had, had a spooky 2 machine for years , told him about it and that I was gonna give it a try . Never used it before or set it up and yet knew about its healing effects and decided to study it lots more And apply with my DNA. Approx 5 weeks later I had a return visit with my naturopath , told him I was still doing spooky, which he suggested to continue even tho he informed me the paracardium had healed . It’s 6 months now and I feel better than ever . Back to all my fitness and other outdoor/indoor activities . Totally amazing . I would suggest to Never doubt your spooky 2. My heart is full . ❤️

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Cherri Faye white

Spooky2 brought me a more energized and better life

Hi, my name is Gerard Horn. I purchased spooky 2 scalar and generator x early in 2020. I suffer from Chrohns and generalised ainxiety. I have fatigue issues as well. When i started using spooky 2 scalar i noticed a vast increase in energy. Whenever my energy was down i could simply sit between the lids. Its amazing. I have also enjoyed the benefits of molecular scalar and all i have to do is place my essential oils and vitamins on the spooky 2 reciever plate and i recieve the benefits. Its remarkable. I have also used the generator x for remote schuman frequency and it crushes aimxiety. It makes a huge difference. The Schuman resonance for ainxiety is a top on my list. I also love using rife scalar through my spooky 2 scalar with generator x for delivering frequencies to myself. My parents have also benefitted dramatically. I lways felt secure knowing i jad this technology close by in the climate we are living in today. Generator x delivers fast biofeedback scans that i can rely on for accuracy and effeiciency. Biofeedback keeps me in the loop of what my body needs and it delivers the frequencies i know are best for me. I have grade scanned all of my biofeedbacks to give me the cream de la creme. I am so happy with spooky. I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for bringing me to this technology and I also thank Mary, The Mother Of God for Her intercession. I strongly recommend this product to any one seeking a better life. Thanks spooky. :=)

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Gerard Horn

Happy end for mother and daughter

3 years ago a couple came to me for their 7 years old daughter who had a brain tumor. I worked with her with 2 session of plasma tube during a week. 3 months later, the mother called me because the girl was out of white cells before receiving her chemo. o i tell her to send me some nails and hair and i started working on her with my spooky remotes to help white cells come back.
During 3 months the mother asked me 5 or 6 times to do that (before each chemo).
6 months ao i had a call from the mother and i asked her how was the girl. She said to me that the girl was perfectly ok and happy in her life, but she also said to me that it was her turn to have a cancer…………..breast tgis time. Then we started seveal sessions with my spooky phanotron tube and spooky scalar to help.
She continued to go to the hospital for her cancer but the last analysis (2 weeks ao) shoes that it was gone and that she was happy.
What a happy end for a family.
Sorry for y bad english !!

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Phil Laniboire

Share Spooky2 Story

This is my story.

My feet have been a problem all my life as I have had Ledderhose disease from a young age (benign tumours growing on the Plantar Fascia which affect the flexibility of the foot and cause extreme pain).

In 1996, a workplace injury left me with the tendons on both feet partially torn off the bone under both heels, leading to extremely painful heel spurs. The pain became so intense that I had difficulty walking. I was fitted for Orthotic Inserts that I needed to wear every day to keep the pain under control. I needed these inserts just to be able to walk around the house.

Over the last 3 years the pain from the spurs has gotten progressively worse to the point that if I did any exercise at all, such as riding a pushbike, or doing squats, then I almost couldn’t walk the next day because of the incredible pain – even with the inserts.

I bought my Spooky2 to treat my Mother who is bed ridden and continually gets chest infections. Just by chance one day I noticed the Heel Spur Program and not expecting much of an effect I began to run this frequency using the Remote. I started running it 24×7 and replacing the fingernail every 2 weeks.

I couldn’t believe how effective this was when within only a few minutes the pain began to subside and I could walk pain-free for the first time in years. I am now able to Mountain Bike ride, go for long walks and do all the activities and exercise that I have been unable to do for many years.

I now recommend Spooky2 to people as soon as I hear they have some kind of problem.

Matthew Smith
2 Fletcher Ave, Miranda, NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2228

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Matthew Smith

Success Story – Spooky2

Prostate Surgery Avoided
I was scheduled for testing and procedures with a urologist. I was unable to completely empty my
bladder which caused infections along with the inflamed and enlarged prostate. About the time I was
scheduled to the specialist, John White released the preset for prostatitis. I began running it on remote.
By the third day, I was urinating easily. I have continued the program and have not seen the urologist.
My GP is amazed and said to just keep doing whatever I was doing.
I have run the prostatitis program remotely 24/7 for the past month. Everything is working well now. No
problem urinating. Inflammation is down. PSA is down. I am posting screenshots to assist anyone in
finding and running this program.

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My refreshing experience with Spooky2 and the amazing setup

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Gerard Horn

Spooky2 helped with treating symptoms and healing the underlying psychological causes

Hi All,

I bought the Spooky2 system 3,5 years ago for my daughter, and although she has not applied it to heal her original problem, she became a convinced Spooky2 user too. Because I am a relatively healthy person, the successes I have had with Spooky have not been as sensational as some healings I have come across about life-threatening diseases; the healings I received from Spooky have been nonetheless remarkable.

You know how it is when you have a minor physical problem; you don’t notice that it’s gone until, much later, something reminds you of it, and you say oh yea, I had that problem and now it’s apparently cleared up, how amazing…
Well, for years I had this eczema in my ears and some spots on my eyelids and under my eyes. Understandably daily eye makeup was out of the question. The other day someone wrote on FB about their ear-itching problem, which made me realize that I haven’t had that for some time. Also my eye eczema hasn’t shown itself for some time now, so I carefully started wearing makeup again. So far so good…
Apart from the occasional specific programs, I have been treating myself with the scan results because I trust that it is the best way to tackle minor health problems (the peeling off of the onion skin).

I have had hormonal unbalances from a young age, and a couple of disadvantageous character traits to back them up (Impatience and worrying, to name a couple). I know that Spooky has built-in frequencies that not only treat symptoms but, more importantly, they help heal the underlying psychological causes too.
I strongly believe that physical health is generated by a healthy psyche. In other words, working on ourself (delving inside our inner Self) by sorting out our erroneous belief systems, encourage ourself to live in the NOW, change harmful thought patterns, etc.etc. is the most important body of work that awaits us if we truly want to heal from the inside out. These subjects are also touched by Spooky2 on several pages and by Echolee in the Coffee Time sessions.

Because it is (most of the time) impossible to accomplish healing overnight, frequency therapy is there to assist us, and I am grateful that I was open to it at the time. And I am of course very grateful for all the people that make Spooky2 possible.
I wish all of us the best of success on the road to health!

Katja Lobensteijn, The Netherlands

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Katja Lobensteijn

My 15 year journey in frequency healing leads spooky 2 and lyme almost cured of lyme disease!

My journey into frequency healing began over 15 years ago when my grandmother told me thanks for making it a good Christmas because it would be her last!

At the time i had a vw jetta that ran on used cooking was converting an old mercedes to do the same. My friend who was helping me convert the car told me about some friends he knew that had been cured of aids and cancer with frequencies. I was very skeptical but started researching. the science seemed sound so I experimented with just audio frequencies. I cured my grandmother of the problem in less than an hour and I was amazed. She kept saying it was a miracle, she went on to live to 100.

Needless to say I was hooked i went from experimenting audio, to handhelds, to plasma, to remote, all of them seemed to work, it was amazing! I went on to cure many more family members of many different health problems. Later I contracted lyme and when I used the frequencies and plasma ball to heal it the cure was worse than the disease. The herxinhiemer effect was awful.

About 2 years ago I ran across spooky and was amazed it was like all things things I had learned and experimented with were in a neat bundled affordable package! I couldn’t believe it. I had to put it on a credit card, which I hated to do but it was worth every penny!

I bought 10 generators and ran 4 of them on the remote lyme protocol for 6 months I felt a huge difference and had zero herx! I have been running 2 generators on the lyme while my other 8 are set up for family and friends or handheld mode. Before I got spooky I could barely stand was exhausted, weak achy and irritable all the time, I can’t believe how much it has helped and how I have changed. I would say I am 90% cured.

The frequencies and spooky have truly saved my families lives and got our lives back! I can’t thank spooky enough what a great bundle of technology!

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Jeff Hartley

Spooky2 Rife Frequency Testimony!

Spooky2 Rife Frequency Testimony! I was introduced to spooky2 Rife Frequencirs on March 7th of 2020. I had been to the doctor with back and right abdomen. The Dr. thought it was early onset of appendicitis and prescribed a painkiller and a steroid. I called a friend that told me about Spooky2 Rife Frequencies on YouTube. I listened to back pain and appendicitis rife frequencies. About 40 mins later, I got up out of bed and walked to the living room with no pain!!! I listened to those 2 Rife frequencies 2-3 times a day for 4 days. I also found out, after taking 2 pills, I was allergic to the painkiller meds and never opened the steroids!

~~Melanie Arnold

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Melanie Arnold

My Healing Journey. .. an update. Warning: This is a long essay.

Today 3rd November 2020, I had an appointment with my Oncologist this is a cycle of Immuno Therapy ( Keytruda) every 3 weeks for the last 12 weeks. That’s 4 cycles thus far.

To be totally transparent I wish to share that my recovery protocol is diverse and varied. I chose to throw everything at myself that I felt would support my return to N.E.D ( No Evidence of Disease). Because you may be reading this looking for some keys or hope that you can do something to help yourself and pull yourself out of “hopelessness”. My desire is that you get some inspiration and incentive to take action in your health endeavours.

My diagnosis back in late July 2020: non small cell Stage 4 Lung Cancer. I chose deliberately NOT to have long gloomy conversation with anyone even my Oncologist, Integrative GP, Naturopath, Acupuncture colleges or Chiropractic friends.
One moment I do recall whilst during my 3 week stay in hospital, was from a specialist whom initially diagnosed and told me news of my condition. I had lost 9 kgs in 3 days, I felt my muscles were wasting away. I had been through a number of testing, valid though draining to my normal healthy demeanour. I told him I had lost the weight so quickly….. if there is anything that is said to you in his “ ignorance” he said to me, “ Oh that’s the cancer robbing your body”….. wtf something one should never be told by anyone. Luckily for me I repeated the conversation to my NeuroPhysics friend, and Ken immediately “tossed that out to the trash”, explaining that it was in actuality my body using up “valuable stores of goodness” to keep me in harmony.
You see, this is what you have to surround yourself with in thought, action and communications from the people that support and care for you. Don’t let anything “in” that can bring you down and make you feel like “shite”.
First and foremost in your healing, inclusive to this I availed myself to moving people out of my immediate circle, whom based on my feelings where draining my being state, don’t allow pity or sympathy into your emotional status, empathy from others is good but not sympathy. Only good, kind and loving people are allowed here.! Energy givers and not energy takers. You’ll discover or may already know what I mean here.
Commit to the “living process “and “walk away from the death process” … is something that I’ve said to my patients and clients for over 40 years.

Ok enough said, this is the exact wording my Oncologist said to me today, “My positive news!!!!
Oncologist said, “The tumour looks as is smaller but it’s not reported by the radiologist yet that takes a couple of days, but to me it looks better compared to before. …. looks like things are going in the right direction. … everything looks that way I will see if can switch treatment every 6 weeks…. least wait till next appointment in 3 weeks till we know. But otherwise looks like your doing well, continue with that. I’ll see you back in 3 weeks… “

I see this as good news, would you? Best possible conversation to have after 4 rounds of immunotherapy plus everything else that I’ve been doing. Your probably thinking now, what has been his game plan?

Here’s my list
1. Immunotherapy every 3 weeks thus far but may change at my next oncologist visit in 3 weeks.
2. Daily Routine

Upon awaking around 5.00am 750-1 litre H2O – (alkaline H2O has been my priority here, inclusive of iH2O infusion after reverse osmosis filtration.)

2 fluid Oz Flor Essence (30 minutes before breakfast)

Spooky2 time slot 1.5-3 hours. More about this later.

Breakfast-avocado sough dough toast

But predominantly:
Oatmeal blue berries, chia seeds, flax meal, LSA, strawberries. 🍓
Probiotic yogurt
– All this is for cardiovascular heart health.

240 mls Lifeforce Body Balance

AM Medication

Sun Vit D – 20 minutes

1x Green Tea + 1/2 lemon juice

Vit D – 500 mg per day
Selenium x1 , probiotics tabs x 2

Magnesium 400 mg x 2 = 800 mg per day
Other combined supplements = 340 mg per day

NutriBullet Mix up my SIP & GO Nutrients drink- Youngevity, Noway Protein, Ribraxx, Organixx greens – blue berrys

Joe Tippen Protocol
Fenbendazole daily dose
X1 Bite + 1 x Curcumin capsule. 3 times per day.

Lunch usually avocado on sourdough or a green salad
Carrot, green apple, celery, tumeric & ginger freshly juiced

Spooky2 slot? Depending upon my schedule.

X1 tumeric Bite + 1 x Curcumin capsule (x3 times a day.)

From my Integrative GP
Thymosin alpha – poly peptides self injection Monday and Thursday evening.
Monday weekly Vitamin C infusion drip.

Friday- Acupuncture maintenance treatment

8.00pm – PM medication

Spooky2 slot? Depending upon my schedule.

Last thing at night – before bed
Flor Essence tea dose.

I’m a practicing acupuncturist, have been in clinic for over 40 years. This is something that I have never had any desire or intention to stop doing and “retire” no way that’s asking for trouble. Having no passion and or life’s work is a sure way to diminish longevity. (Research “The Blue Zones).

Tuesday AM – clinic
Thursday AM – clinic
Saturday AM – clinic

Started Alkaline H2O & Joe Tippen (Fenbenzadole Protocol) 30th August 2020

Spooky2 equipment:
1. Spooky2 central
2. 1x Generator X
3. 6x Generator XM – 6 DNA samples for me 1 set to detox and 5 set to cancer presets. The other Generator XM is running family member DNA.
4. Spooky2 Scalar unit. On the Transmitter I have a glass of Water that I drink daily. The receiver end are small samples of Vit C containing a urine sample (VitC kills cancer cells) also pure CBD, Fenbendazole, peppermint, Curcumin/ tumeric. I sleep within this Scalar field setup, also my Spooky2 Central and generator setup is within the Scalar field.
5. My diet is predominantly plant based, herbal teas and a Tumeric coffee with Almond milk.
6. Inclusive to all this I exercise 5 days a week, in particular NeuroPhysics ( watch the documentary “Calibrate” highlighting the work of Ken Ware.) and altitude training (4500 meters simulated). My GP supports the research that high altitude hypoxia training improves survival rate in cancer patients.

Spooky2- Detox Terrain (11 days) began 3rd September 2020.
Biofeedback- General, My Condition & Cancer Lung preset. Tens pads on torso lateral to navel and lateral to nipple, accordingly. Treatment 4 days repeat and sweep every 2 weeks, has been consistently cycling since the 11 day terrain ended but still cycling.
1 loop of my treatment takes 1 hr 24 mins, this is the minimum timing of a treatment. I usually average 4-6 loops per day. This equates to 6-9 hours daily.
I divided up each side of my chest into 3 sections and do each section as 1 loop. Both left and right sides are done this way as we have one lung but it is 2 sided (bilateral)

I choose to be consistent and committed to my recovery, because nobody absolutely nobody can do it for me.
When I read much of the Spooky2 stories and enquires I get annoyed we those seeking to find solutions are trying to have the users “prove that it works”, truth be known that everybody is different no one of us is the same, we are entirely unique. Therefore in actuality one “needs to jump in boots and all,” or move on to something else.
If you don’t invest in doing the Spooky2 protocol then you’ll never know if it works or not for you! “
“Trust in your own intuition your gut feeling, your inner guidance.”

In short my summary to date is this; I honestly believe in being proactive in my own health, to be honest nothing has changed here I’ve been studying Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine and Wholistic health since 1980. I do understand much of my “why me” and “how come me”, some of the reasons I’d prefer to keep personal some I’m still researching to understand.
Nutritional and dietary adjustments I found relatively easily implemented, exercise and altitude training similarly.
I personally feel the Spooky2 units and Joe Tippen protocol are my “godsends”. Possibly the reasons why I’m progressing in a timely manner, the answers I know I will never really know. I’ve said all along from the beginning I don’t care how I get there, I only choose to arrive at NED and remain there in due course.
My mantra has been from the beginning, “Sooner or later we all must pass and transition, I CHOOSE LATER NOT SOONER!!!”

“Healing Comes With Open Feeling “…. my journey continues!!
Thanks for letting me share.

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Robin Tim So

15 Years of Back pain gone

A couple of years ago I met a man with a Spooky 2 Rife Machine through a mutual friend. He is so knowledgable about Rife and very kind-hearted. He and his wife invited me to their place to try the Spooky 2 and I went weekly for the Terrain program. I am an alternate health practitioner and work with people on their emotional and physical issues so I swapped the treatments he gave me for treatments on him and his family.
After doing the terrain protocol I noticed the back pain I had for the past 15 years had diminished greatly. I had tried many different things in the past all with some success knowing that it was physical, emotional and chemical-related. It was Spooky 2 that really detoxed those toxins, chemicals and heavy metals for me.
I am forever grateful for the treatment.

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Diane Downward

My Spooky Story

My journey began when I came down with a simple case of sciatica while serving my country. The next thing I knew is after an x-ray I was wisked into a major surgery which significantly changed my active life and ended my career. Putting my trust in doctors and our medical system I continued to spiral down into more medical problems than I can count with depression following close behind. My world closed in on me. With no hope of getting better I prayed continually. God had mercy on me and led me to a different way of thinking, Spooky. Like peeling an onion I now have the capability to erase the many diseases and ailments I have acquired with this situation. I now have a new hope to eventually return to a life I can live and maybe even enjoy myself again. The darkness turns brighter every day and I am very grateful for Spooky and the technology they offer. I was very surprised our doctors and medical system were so closed minded and dangerous. I’m hoping to keep adding to my meager system. I love Spooky!

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Like a miracle

I want to share with you my first big success I had this summer.

I have a good friend, who 2 years ago had a bad leg bone fracture.
After many months of rest waiting for the possibility to walk again and after almost 1 year of hard rehabilitation protocol, last April she started to feel big big pain to all the leg and at the same time sort of electric shock and tingling.

She couldn’t sit neither laying.
So for her it was impossible to sleep.
She started to visit many different doctors, mainly neurological specialists, orthopaedic doctors, physiotherapists, and many others.

She did al the possible tests, from magnetic resonance to neurological tests for the nervous system.
But there was nothing wrong, apart all the symptoms.
The pain remains the same for many months and she was becoming crazy.
You can image not sleeping for months.

No drugs was able to stop the symptoms.

Doctors was thinking that the problem could be her!

I suggested her to try some treatments with Spooky2 and she obviously accepted.

I did a biofeedback with scan and baseline with electrodes.
One in the ending part of the back and one on her foot.

Just after I treated her with the biofeedback result, using killing treatment with electrodes placed in the same areas where they were.

Then for 1 day I treated her with the same biofeedback result with remote.

After 3 days from her first treatment she stopped to feel any symptoms.
No symptoms anymore!

She was absolutely incredulous for the result.

She spent so much time and money before and she paid so much dolors in the previous period that our only 2 sentences were:




Happy to share with you this experience that shows us the big difference between the normal medical diagnosis systems and a bioresonance system like Spooky2.

When a doctor think that you are the problem, that you are crazy….don’t believe it and try Spooky2 biofeedback!!!!

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Arianna Calzamatta

My Daughter Was Supposed to be Paralyzed for Life, but She Is Walking!

This story seems unbelievable, but I promise it is true.

Imagine the scene with me, three and a half years ago. I’m sitting in a plastic chair across from one of the finest neurosurgeons in my large, metropolitan city with one hand resting on my pregnant belly. I can’t feel the baby kicking today. Sometimes she does, but they tell us it doesn’t mean anything. She isn’t supposed to be able to move her legs at all, but sometimes the muscles and nerves fire randomly. They tell us not to assume it means anything.

“What are the chances she’ll ever walk?” I ask the neurosurgeon, who is a kind man with red hair and a sad smile.

He considers his answer carefully. “Ten to fifteen percent, I think,” he says.

I numbly write this down in the notebook dedicated to my daughter’s overwhelming list of medical complications. My notebook is already full of diagnoses, prognoses, and percentages. Words to google, numbers to call, surgeries to prepare for. Our baby will be born with severe disabilities, including spina bifida, kyphosis, bilateral clubfoot, and a rare, rare condition called segmental spinal dysgenesis that causes a twisted, malformed spinal cord and vertebra. Her body will be distorted. We have already seen the MRIs, and in the strange contrast of the pale amniotic fluid against the dark spaces of my womb, she looks like a mermaid bathed in milk, her lower half and clubbed feet curled like fins. She is beautiful, and I am terrified.

Ten to fifteen percent chance of ever walking, he said. I think he was being generous with me.

These were not good odds, and the path ahead was steep, but I have never been a quitter, and I didn’t intend to raise my daughter to be one, either.

Fast forward three years. I have never given up, and neither has my daughter. She has learned to drag herself on her elbows and then, to hop like a frog to get around because she cannot crawl. Surgeries, serial casting to straight her legs, bracing, physical therapy… we did everything faithfully, exactly as prescribed. Weekly and then monthly appointments with specialists. X-rays and MRIs. Hospitals and clinics and in-home therapy. But in addition to following the doctors’ orders, I was relentlessly searching, reading, scouring the internet every night for more things that we could try. Red light therapy, myofascial release, acupuncture, and more. We tried everything, some with success, some with disappointment. And our daughter thrived and grew stronger and went farther than expected.

But she didn’t walk.

I tried many things. And more things. And even more things.

And finally, I got the Rife Machine.

I waited a long time to make the purchase, because it felt like I was fully committing to some sort of mad science. This machine was more than a hand-held laser or a set of magnets or a secret phone-call appointment with an energy healer. This was a monster of a machine, something that would sit in front of us and either remind us of a failure if it didn’t work. The price was high, but we’d tried so many alternative things and seen so many gains, and we’d already reached the limits of what traditional western medicine could reasonably expect.

I was willing to spend the money now. How could I let a few hundred dollars stand between my daughter and radical improvement, if that was all that was in the way?

I chose the Spooky 2 company because you made the process easy and you explained everything well. Two generators to start with, and a computer dedicated solely to running them when it became clear that the family laptop would not suffice. I assembled the mass of wires and blinking pieces on the living room floor, feeling like Nicola Tesla or Marie Curie. My husband looked on, unconvinced but mildly supportive. He had grown used to my experiments with the weird, and this was just one more thing in a list of many, many things that grew stranger and stranger.

I set up the Rife Machine and began to run daily frequencies for spine, paraplegia, muscle spasticity, bone stimulation, nerve growth, and more with remote and contact modes on my daughter’s spinal deformity and legs.

One week later, my three-year-old daughter took her first independent steps into my mother’s surprised arms. These were the first steps she’s ever taken without poles, a walker, or someone holding her hands.

I was shocked, thrilled, incredulous, and overjoyed. I didn’t think I would see results so quickly. I ordered more generators. Now, I’m running frequencies on everyone in the family. (I’m running frequencies on myself while I’m writing this!) Even our cats are getting some Rife in their lives, and the grouchy old things are looking slimmer, sleeker, and younger. We’re all sleeping better, losing weight, gaining energy, and feeling joy and hope. I’m committed to this for the long haul, and I have high hopes for the future.

Best of all, my daughter is growing straighter and stronger every day. Her crooked body is unfolding like a flower in the sun. Her leg movements are becoming more neurotypical by the day. Sometimes, she sits cross-legged like my son while they watch TV (she never used to be able to do this before), or she moves her ankles in slow circles in an astonishing display of muscular control. She’s started climbing on things with confidence and taking bold, staggering strides across the living room five and six steps at a time before she goes back to her knees. Her physical therapist is speechless. I cannot wait to see the reaction of her neurosurgeon and orthopedist during our next visit. I’m excited for the results of our upcoming MRI as well!

She still has miles to go, and her medical outcomes are still wildly uncertain, but I have a hope like I’ve never had before.

I am so very, very thankful. Thank you, Spooky 2. You’ve probably changed the course of my daughter’s life.

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Katherine Camp

Sporting possible without muscle ache?

Spooky2 GX

I wouldn’t have believed it if it were being told to me in person. Let me explain my case.

I am a 52 year old man, who has had to deal with six or seven chronic illnesses for years on -which started at age 14 and happened to cross my physical path. This year alone I have been at home, recovering from Crohn disease upheavals plus related inconveniencies and not been able to sport, except for biking four times on my racing bike. Furthermore there was no speed skating on ice possible, no basketball, hardly any sailing, just four times of tennis in one month of the whole year, but at times I have been able to walk in the forest nearby.

In February I went with a friend to an indoor skihall because she wanted to prepare herself for her skiing holiday. I stumbled out of her car, grasping my two clutches and had problems keeping up pace with her. It was her first time taking lessons at an indoor piste and, as I had been a skiing instructor some 30 years ago, she wanted me to be there with her. For comfort I guess and I was glad to accompany her. I love sports and watching people play sports but most of all I like to practice it myself. One of them being skiing. It had been three or four years since my last skiing attempt in Austria, much too long to my dislike.

While watching my friend try making her first moves and curves at the indoor slope I gave her some tips and was dumb-founded when after the lesson, the skiing instructor inquired if I wanted to become a ski-instructor again, at his very indoor slope. I sure was and accepted the invitation. I was being told that during summer new skiing instructors were to be given a course on how to ski on an artificial slope (one where the slope itself moves, so the skier stays in about the same place) and how to teach customers, ending with a certificate.

At the end of May I bought my first (and only) Spooky2 Generator X and got to get acquainted with it. By the time the course started I had found some frequencies that were supposed to help with your muscle and could perhaps even prevent muscle ache (or so I hoped).

At the beginning of July (oh my, was it hot in the Netherlands (37-42 degrees)) I took the car and drove to our province town about 19 km away. I had my own boots with me, ski socks and too much other stuff (e.g. gloves) which wasn’t needed at all because inside it was as hot as outside. I was seriously nervous as I had not been sporting for three or more months and because of the heat (and corona). But what later turned out to be the most important tool I got with me was my Spooky2 GX running a program for muscle relaxation (all of them I could find) and extra ATP -‘food’ for muscles- production. I only used the GX together with Spooky2 booster and the remote with my nail in it to create this effect.

Usually after skiing the first time again I instantly develop an enormous ache in my legs which may last for days. Flashing forward to this year and what happened to the usual sore this time. You’re right: no muscle sore! Not even the day after or two, three or four days after; in matter of fact none at all! A week later we skied again and I went for the same program. The other ski instructors couldn’t believe that I wasn’t suffering from sore muscles while all the others (being sporters who were sporting four times per week on a rough average) were experiencing quite an amount of it. I was in heaven with my GX generator and in the car I almost shouted from exhilaration. Couldn’t really believe it myself. This program is worth a lot to any sporter.

Upon trying to explain how I didn’t develop this muscle ache I met strange faces. I tried my best to explain but to no avail I guess. In this way it kind of stayed like my very own secret.

Martijn van Beek

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Martijn van Beek

My wife’s Knee pain and Leg pain gone In 30 minutes

Before 4days of writing this message my wife told me having sever Knee pain and Leg pain after completing our house work regarding Diwali festival like in your China.I told her to take remote treatment in Spooky 2. surprisingly within 30 minutes pain gone.waht a nice invention spooky 2 is. another thing is the Knee pain was not sudden created.it was long standing.same thing happened to my mother also.So my best thank to all spooky team of manufactures and distributes.

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Siddharth Pandya

My 4th Dimension Scalar Experience

The alternate heading could be: “Wow!” as only six-days into my Scalar Field Living Experience, I’ve encountered something new and miraculous morphing or being created in my physical being.

The constant being: Six-to-eight hours sleeping or lying between scalar boxes, utilising pure scalar alone. Boxes are on stands approximately 1.5 feet from sides of bed, positioning myself between the two units, approximately three feet on both sides of me to boxes.

Day 1: After 7 years of mostly daily cigarette smoking, ZERO urge to take a cigarette. 😮

Day 2: An elevated conscientiousness along with a newfound peace and understanding. Being that a scalar field operates in the fourth dimension, this is an effect that should not come as a surprise.

Days 3- present: During a soccer match three years ago I suffered a hip fracture. An overextended front kick chipped the top of my acetabulum, “hip cup,” the gelatinous ring around it, the labrum, was torn as a result of not getting the specialised surgery I was advised. The tear has only become more and more painful as the years go by, and surgery would be even more complex now, after additional issue have arisen on account of my inactivity. Day THREE and continuing into my present fourth-dimensional living: I can lay in bed and turn from side to side, even get up from the bed, without impediment or pain! Today I tried to bend my knee and lift up using my hip flexor, (an action I could not do a week ago, not with pain or without, I just was unable to perform this action,) and today I did it! I am beside myself with gratitude and a transcendent peace. I am confident that I am whole again! …and will continue to be healed and perfected more and more each day in every way! I am elated and so blessed!

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Faith Smitley

Spooky2 is definitely worth having-M

I have purchased it for about 3 years, I have been using Remote mode. A few years ago, unidentified white dandruff appeared on my head. I tried many medicines, but I couldn’t get rid of it. And it reappeared immediately after stopping the drug. Later I learned about Spooky2 and about Remote. I used GX’s fast biofeedback, and based on the suggested results, I just ran the programs continuously for about a week. About the third day, I felt that the white dandruff was obviously reduced, and my scalp was not so itchy. When the week was over, I stopped running, and I found that even if it stopped, I didn’t have any recurrence problems anymore. In order to ensure a complete change, I continued to run for another week. My dandruff disappeared completely and it did not recur in the following days. It’s amazing and solved my troubles. Anyway, thank you very much for the whole Spooky2 team. I really appreciate spooky2 guys.