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7 Tips to Improve Your Blood Circulation 9

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First, let’s imagine a highway that is 60,000 miles long and full of cars. What will happen if the road is blocked? The vehicles all get stuck. Your blood vessels are as long as this highway, and your blood is like the vehicles. This network of roads carries blood to every corner of your body. When your circulation is poor, it slows or blocks the blood flow, and your entire body may not get enough nutrients it needs.

Poor blood circulation can dry your skin, turn your nails brittle, make your feet and hands cold or numb, and cause your hair to fall out. To prevent these conditions from happening, here are some tips to help you improve blood circulation.

Drink more water

You probably have heard the advice of eight glasses of water per day, but most people are nowhere near that many. Eight glasses may seem like a lot of water, but drinking enough water is a great way to combat circulation issues. Water helps to keep cells and waste flowing throughout your body, including the flush of toxins. It will lower blood viscosity so that clots are less likely to form, and your blood can flow smoothly.

Eat more vegetables

Vegetables have all kinds of nutrients that are beneficial to your blood. For example, inorganic nitrate in leafy greens can dilate blood vessels, improve circulation, and lower the risk of high blood pressure. The capsaicin in red peppers and allicin in garlic can relax blood vessels, and a flavanone-rich citrus fruit drink, such as lemon or orange juice, may increase blood flow. Therefore, when you seek a blood-friendly diet, choose vegetables.

Avoid staying seated for too long

Staying seated for hours at a time is not ideal for your blood circulation or your back. It weakens leg muscles and slows the blood flow in your legs, which could cause a clot. If you have to stay at the desk at work, consider a standing desk instead. Getting on your feet works the valves in your leg veins, sending blood up to your heart.


Exercises, especially yoga and aerobics, can strengthen your heart and improve blood circulation. Yoga is a low-impact exercise that can jump-start your blood flow. When you move or twist, it brings oxygen to your cells and organs. Aerobics maximizes the amount of oxygen in your blood, increases your heart rate, and boosts blood flow to your muscles and back to your lungs. However, if you are rather busy, try elevating your legs when you have spare time. That helps the blood flow back to the heart as well.

Wear compression socks

Compression socks put a bit of squeeze on your legs so that your blood will not stick around for too long. Instead, it will move back up to your heart. If you are considering purchasing one pair, ask a professional about the recommended length and tightness.

Hot baths

Is there anything more relaxing and comforting than a hot bath after an exhausting day? Warm water is an effective way not only for relaxation but also to enhance circulation. Warm water can expand the blood vessels, allowing more blood to come through. Drinking warm water does the same trick, but a hot bath can increase blood flow in the whole body.

How Can Spooky2 Improve Your Blood Circulation?

Rife solution is an alternative solution to traditional medical solution, it does not have any side effects. If you intend to recover yourself in a natural way, rife solution would be a good choice for you.

Spooky2 has the world’s largest frequency database which includes many beneficial frequencies. You can use these frequencies to benefit yourself, or your family members. For improving blood circulation, frequencies will recharge blood cells, provide them with the momentum to carry oxygen around your body, clear any blockage within the vessels, and purify your blood.

For instance, you can type in blood circulation in the Spooky2 database, select programs, and run them in your Generator to improve your blood circulation.



Open your Spooky2 software and select Shell (Empty) Presets > Remote > Healing (R) – JW

Then, go to the Programs tab and type in keywords “blood circulation”. Select the program(s) you would like to run.

In this example, I selected “Blood Circulation RUSS”.

Double click to load the program. Then, go to the Control tab.

Hit start and wait for a thorough purification of your blood circulation.

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  1. As a truck driver who drives and sits for hours and doesn’t get much exercise, Spooky 2 definitely helps. I use blood circulation frequencies and more through remote and scalar.

  2. How long to let it run for?

    1. The estimated run time of this program is 6 minutes. But you can change the setting to let it run for longer time. And there is no strict limation on how long it should be run, it depends on your body reaction. For remote mode, better no longer than 4 hours for a single program:)

      1. Hello;
        I am new to all of this. I have to laugh I don’t even know if I have set up the machine correctly. I am unable to do a lot of the prerequisites because my body has many toxins in it. I can’t even do a toxicity run on remote I get sick to my stomach and a bit dizzy. I thought a blood circulation would be something I could do. The estimated run time is 6 minutes however it kept going. I did read that I should not let it run any longer than 4 hours. Will it shut off before that time or must I manually shut it off? I will let it run until I am ready to leave the house. Thanks for the help.

        1. Dear Bonnie, if you don’t feel any discomfort in your body, you can choose to continue running the blood circulation program.For your questions, could you please send us a video or a picture of your problem to the following e-mail address: [email protected]? Our customer service will help you after understanding your problem in detail. Thank you for your understanding and support!

  3. What setting would you choose to make a program run for longer. Thank you.

    1. Hi, choose the suitable shell preset – healing shell preset, it includes all the correct settings, please do not worry:) But if you want to run for a longer time, you can change the parameter on Programs tab. For more details, please feel free to send them to [email protected], our support team is willing to help you in time!

    2. Change the Repeat sequence from 1 to 0 and it will go on forever.

      1. Dear Tom, thanks for your kind help. 🙂

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