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18 Ways of Protecting Lives Leave a comment

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Everything in the world has its meaning of existence. We should be kind to every life in our daily lives. Being kind to life means being kind to ourselves. Here are some things that we can and cannot do for protecting lives.

1. Stop Others from Killing
If you see kids playing with insects, trying to catch up with butterflies, ants, etc., stop them and explain to them the importance of lives. Encourage pet owners to buy food with less meat content.

2. Help Animals in Danger
When you see insects, earthworms, or snails, etc. on pathways, return them to grass, so people won’t tread on them. When you see little insects trapped in a spider’s web, set them free. In China, if we see something bad happen or about to happen, we have to do something about it.

3. Show Happiness
Be happy when you see other people setting free animals, encourage them, and also help them as much as possible. In this case, it will not only increase your own karma, but more people will also start saving lives.

4. Educate
Share books or articles which encourage people to protect lives. The power of words is very strong. You never know who will receive the message. There are many ways we can contribute to others. There is financial contribution; there is physical contribution; and there is educational contribution, which is possibly the most important of all the ways we can contribute.

5. Avoid Fires
Do not set fire to trees, leaves, or rubbish, etc., and also persuade others to also avoid burning. Burning can kill a lot of lives, which will significantly impact your karma. Burning probably kills the largest number of animals, since no lives can survive.

6. Feed Wild Animals
Feed wild birds, cats, dogs, ants, rants, fish, etc., so they won’t die from starvation. During winter months, it is especially important to help wild lives survive. Imagine how bad it is if you are the animal that is starving in freezing weather, without shelter or protection.

7. Help Forgotten Sea Creatures
Sea lives usually cannot survive without water. Animals which are stranded at low tide can be put back to the sea. During droughts, fish in the small lake can be put into the big lake which has more water. When you got the chance to go to the fish market, keep an eye on the lives which have been discarded or forgotten, for example, undersized fish and snails.

8. Give Love to Dead or Dying Animals
For example, when you come across dead animals on the road, or if you see some animals are to be killed which you can’t prevent, stop for a moment and express the sorrow. If you have a religious belief, pray for the animals. This plants a seed which will blossom at the right time.

9. Avoid Clothing that Cost Animals’ Lives
A lot of the clothing such as shoes, belts, coats, hats are made from animal parts. Demand for these products will be reduced if you do not purchase them. Choose clothes made from other types of materials.

10. Become a Vegetarian
By becoming a vegetarian, you can save the lives of 7,000 animals within your own lifetime. And the number will be much larger if you persuade others to be vegetarians. This is the best long term way of setting free animals.

11. Do Not Step on Animals
Be wary of where you tread. You may be treading on little lives.

12. Even Mosquitoes are Important
When mosquitoes bite, try not to kill them. Brush them away. They do not deserve to die with a single bite.

13. Respect Dead Animals
If you see a dead animal, make an attempt in giving them a decent burial. In ancient China, there is a story that a man got promoted to a high ranking official when he buried a snake. In China, we believe that everything we gain, including money, social rankings, reputation, etc., fully depends on how much blessings and virtues we have owned.

14.Insects Can Drown or Become Stranded
Invert containers outside so that water does not collect. Insects may fall into this water and drown. Also, water may dry in summer, killing water-loving animals that have made it their home.

15. Keep Windows Open When Using Mosquito Repellent
Give insects a chance to escape. When we protect our own environment, we do not have to kill other animals. Human beings are not above nature. We are part of nature.

16. Save the Babies
Often you find discarded fish eggs in a fish market. Collect them and place them in a safe pond where they can hatch. If you are afraid other fish consuming the eggs, bury the eggs under some water sediment.

17. Hot Water Kills
Never pour hot water on the open ground. Earthworms, ants and other insects live there and will be instantly killed.

18. The Art of Persuasion
By convincing others of the importance of saving and protecting all lives, the blessings will be spread further. When enough people are saving lives like yourself, all of mankind will be raised to the next level.

Have you ever tried any method above? What would you do for protecting lives? Comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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