About C60

C60 (Carbon60) is a powerful antioxidant that has lots of awesome health benefits. Its full chemical name is Buckminsterfullerene. It is a substance that contains carbon-based ash, like soot, wood ash, etc. This molecule has 60 carbon atoms, so it is named C60. People also call it buckyballs, possibly because the shape of C60 is spherical, like a soccer ball.

In the last three hundred years, Russians used Shungite stone to purify water and bathed in Shungite Spring to restore health. Shungite stones had become an alternative medicine for Russians for hundreds of years. A scientific study showed that there are around 1.5% to 2% of C60 in Shungite, which could account for the healing properties for Shungite. And moden scientific studies have shown that C60 provides superb health benefits and prolongs lifetime. Below are the health benefits of C60.

Health Benefits of C60

Prolonging Lifespan
One of the benefits of C60 that most researches are focused on is the ability to prolong lifespan. A scientific study on rat showed that using C60 can increase the lifespan of rats by 90%. The experiment was carried out on Wistar rats, which were approaching death by Pneumonia or Tumors. The rats were divided into two groups. The rats in group one received C60 had nearly two times lifetime than the rats that didn't get C60 in group two. And the rats in group two died of Pneumonia or Tumors. Another rat study found that using C60 on the middle age rat can increase their average lifespan by 5-14%.

Additionally, C60 has the ability of removing free radicals. It is well known that free radicals can do harm to health, especially to the elderly, as they can enervate body's medical conditions to pull down the immune system. C60 is composed of carbon atoms, which are chemically inert and linked with each other. This property makes unstable free radicals stick firmly to C60. Since C60 is very easy to remove from the body. Free radicals are eliminated together with C60 from the body too. The function of removing free radicals of C60 is 172 times better than Vitamin C, therefore, C60 can stimulate people's immune system and prolong lifespans.

Boosting Energy
It is reported that C60 can increase body's energy level. After consuming C60, athletes have better performance than usual. Runners could run longer distance with a steady pulse and feel less tired. Weight lifters could lift heavier weights. It is possible that C60 has strong antioxidant properties, which can prevent oxidative damage of cells and reduce muscle fatigue. Researches are also shown that Hydroxyl C60 can protect nerves from dying of overwork.

Higher Libido
A research performed in diabetic male rats showed that C60 had the benefit of boosting sexual function. It is well known Diabetes has a negative effect on sexual function. In the experiment, the sexual infertility and dysfunction of diabetic male rats was apparently reduced by C60. The daily dose for the rats is 4 micrograms per kilo gram, which is much less than the recommended drug dose for humans to reach the same results.

Safe Use of Molecular Weight Frequencies of C60 with Spooky2

We have provided the Buckminsterfullerene C60 preset for your experimentation, allowing you to experience the benefits of C60 in a convenient way.

Meanwhile, remember to keep a balance when you absorb C60. Try to take it slow at the beginning. And if you think you have overdone it, you can also run a program Adverse Drug Reaction to get rid of the side effect.

Here is a link of the Buckminsterfullerene C60 preset.

BuckminsterfullereneC60 (R) - MM

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