Physics Behind A Scalar System Like Spooky2 Scalar 4

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This may not be all encompassing or 100% entirely correct, but I’ll give it a shot explaining in basic terms what is going on.

The Spooky2 Remote creates two opposing waves — one from the top coil and one from the bottom coil which are in opposite phase to each other. These waves meet and cancel out, creating a scalar field between the top and bottom of the remote. This information field is what the DNA sample picks up on; and using QE (quantum entanglement) properties, shares the information in this field to the rest of the body.

The scalar wave does not travel, so it is confined to the inside of the remote. It is the QE aspects of DNA that allow that information to be benefited from anywhere you are located.

With Spooky2 Scalar, a waveform is being used to energize the transmitter coil. This energy is being broadcast out. When it hits the receiver, it energizes the coil in kind, which will send back a reflecting wave.

When the frequency is tuned, the two units resonate, and the reflecting wave is 180 degrees out of phase, which interacts with the primary transmission. This leaves a scalar field between the two units.

There are two points that this resonance can be achieved. One is a standard EMF field (lower frequency). The other is scalar (higher frequency). With an oscilloscope, you can confirm visually which of the two you are generating.

EMF field waveforms are overlapping and in phase. Scalar has two waveforms which are nearly matching, but 180 degrees apart. John shows this in the SAMA video here:

Since you can now sit in the scalar field, instead of just receiving an information field, you can receive the scalar energy directly, along with whatever you modulate the field with (organic sample, frequency, etc.).

The only other way that I know that we can receive scalar energy directly with a Spooky2 device is via the near field of a plasma tube.

Spooky2 Scalar

Authored by Jeff Kaczor

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  1. How is the Spooky2 Scalar compare with the Lakhovsky multi wave Oscillator?

    1. Hi, Ivar. Spooky2 Scalar is the first scalar treatment device to provide three different methods of transmitting healing scalar waves: pure scalar, molecular scalar and Rife scalar. You can choose which of these best suits your needs. And you can click here to know the unique features of Spooky2 Scalar:

  2. Hello, I am writing a message from Turkey. I want to get scaler. How much does it cost to come to Turkey? Do you know about customs taxes? Do you have a product that you send to turkey . If so , can you send the contact information of the product owner .

    1. Hi, Hasan. Please feel free to send your question to [email protected], with the information of your address details, the specific products you want, our support team will help you have a further check and give you an accurate charge:)

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