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Poland Conference 2017.05.27 Leave a comment

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On May 27, 2017, Roman Nowak, John White and Echo Lee had a wonderful conference with over 20 attendees in Kartuzy, Poland.

At the beginning of the conference, Roman introduced John and Echo to all the attendees and every attendee shared their own experience of using Spooky2.

Then Roman made a speech about how to take control of our own health. John introduced the early story of Spooky2 and Spooky2 passion. Echo shared her view of the beautiful scenery and wonderful people during this Europe trip.

And Echo also talked about how the China Team always do their best to work with passion and love to bring health and happiness to Spooky2 users.

Thank you Roman for organizing this fantastic conference and Mac for your Polish-English translation. This is really a great opportunity to sit side-by-side with our users, listen to their opinions and answer their questions.

Thank you all attendees many of whom drove 300, 400 or even 500km to attend this conference. We really appreciate your enthusiasm and support for Spooky2.

Hope to see you again!

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