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MW Frequencies for Gengivitis

Hello everyone!

So, I was dealing with two kinds of inflammatory processes: Proctitis and Gingivitis, my gingivitis was PRETTY bad, herbs mouthwashes weren’t working.

I decided to test MW frequencies for this.

I’ve run Ibuprofen MW with JW Molecular Weight preset (20 amp instead of 4).

But also I did some research and discovered the Molecular Weight from 3 natural anti-inflammatory compounds.
Helenalin, Dihydrohelenalin, and Chamazulene from Arnica and Chamomila plants.
M262.30102, M264.3169,M184.27684
Created a custom set with these and ran with JW Molecular Weight preset with 20 amp.

The next day my gingivitis was 80% better, now its 100% (4 days later).

Now, 4 days later I’ve stopped the Natural anti-inflammatory sets and left Ibuprofen running, my mouth is still fine.
The proctitis is gone, can’t feel it anymore.
Thanks to everyone who did the M.W. discovery, it works wonderfully… (I’m running now the M.W. of serotonin, working very well on my mood by the way).

Source: https://www.spooky2reviews.com/mw-frequencies-for-gengivitis/