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Rife Machine for Morgellons

If you have suffered from Morgellons, you may often experience a sensation of crawling, biting, stinging and sometimes believe yourselves have an insect or parasite infestation.

Morgellons disease (MD) is a complex dermopathy characterized by the spontaneous appearance of slowly-healing skin lesions that contain multicolored filaments either lying under, embedded in, or projecting from skin.

Patients may also exhibit constitutional, musculoskeletal and neurocognitive symptoms that are associated with Lyme disease (LD) and tickborne coinfections. The presence of these symptoms suggests an infectious etiology of the dermopathy and possible vectoring by ticks.

The Most Common Signs and Symptoms:

  • Skin rashes or sores that can cause intense itching
  • Crawling sensations on and under the skin, often compared to insects moving, stinging or biting
  • Fibers, threads or black stringy material in and on the skin
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Depressed mood

If you’re suffering from Morgellons disease for a long time and looking for a natural treatment, Rife machine is your best choice.

How can Rife machine work for Morgellons?

A Rife Machine uses the principles of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, a brilliant scientist who lived during the last century. He discovered that micro-organisms can be destroyed using frequencies, which is the key that Rife machine can work on Morgellons disease. There is substantial evidence that Rife machines are safer and more effective than other “proven” Morgellons disease treatments. Rife machines are safe because there are no side effects over their 15+ years of use against Morgellons disease.

Nicola Tesla said if you wish to understand the Universe, then think of Energy, Frequency and Vibrating.

Everything has a vibrating frequency, which is called resonant frequency.

This can be explained using an analogy of an opera singer who uses their voice to shatter a crystal glass. The glass is vibrating at a certain frequency, and when the opera singer sings at that particular frequency the glass shatters.

In the same way, each microorganism has a unique and specific frequency (or vibrational rate). When you add more of this same frequency to the microorganism, it cannot tolerate, and it bursts or dies. Rife machines generate resonance waves that destroy harmful bacteria without doing any harm to the users.

It may surprise you to learn that, with the possible exception of viruses, all parasites themselves have parasites. Viruses and spirochaetes can parasitize bacteria. Fungi can parasitize larger fungi. They can also host viruses, bacteria, and insects. And insects can harbour many different parasites internally and on the surface of their bodies.

Entirely understandably, Morgellons sufferers wish to be rid of Morgellons the moment they get their hands on a Rife system.

When you kill hundreds of thousands of large parasites like mites (“large” by comparison with bacteria), you’re leaving all their internal and external parasites alive. When the insect bodies decompose, all those living fungi, bacteria, and viruses are released into your bloodstream.
And now you’re in big trouble. Since you’ve just killed their hosts of choice, you will have to take their place. You’ve just given your already-overburdened immune system a few million extra headaches to deal with. So the rule when rifing is this: Work from smallest to largest.

This can also be stated as:
Work from the inside to the outside, from the things contained to the container itself.

If you proceed like this, you won’t end up in the awful trouble, because when you finally get to kill your biggest parasites, you will already have killed everything they might have unleashed.

Why choose Spooky2 Rife machine for Morgellons?

Spooky2 is the most effective and affordable Rife treatment system available today. Free software updates and the world’s largest frequency database ensure Spooky2 will always be superior. But there are many more reasons to choose Spooky2.

Hardware Part
From the beginning, Spooky2 has provided a convenient way for people to treat themselves without being tethered to a machine. Spooky2 Remote transmits healing frequencies using quantum entanglement. It sounds like something out of Star Trek, but it’s real science, and it works astonishingly well.

But Spooky2 offers many other ways of applying frequencies. Contact mode options include TENS pads, silver gloves, socks, bands, internal electrodes, and hand cylinders. Contact mode allows frequency treatments to be performed in the convenience and comfort of your own home. This method of applying healing frequencies is proven, and often provides almost immediate results. The effect of contact mode is faster than Remote mode, but Morgellons sufferers can benefit from both of them in the end.

Other methods are Cold Laser and PEMF. Cold Laser uses a precise specific wavelength of light to interact with tissue. This helps to accelerate the body’s natural healing process. PEMF coil is connected directly to your Spooky2 XM generator. This is ideal for frequency imprinting or entrainment. These two methods work well on eliminating pathogen infection. Spooky2 offers all these accessories.

Here is the ultimate Rife machine, Spooky2 Plasma, which can apply Royal Rife’s original frequencies directly without a carrier. It’s the only machine we know of that can transmit frequencies of up to 3.5 MHz without needing any wasteful and potentially harmful fixed carrier frequency. Most parasites, viruses, candidas, molds, etc. can be killed right away if the right frequencies are applied. That’s why this is the users’ favorite when helping with Morgellons.

Software Part
We have a protocol especially for Morgellons disease – Morgellons and Lyme protocol. It is designed to kill or remove everything in the body that’s a burden on the immune system. This protocol is a comprehensive pathogen killing protocol, and does it in the order from the smallest organism to the largest, so any small organisms that are being hosted by larger ones are killed first. They are not released into your unsuspecting body if they are killed out of order.

You should go through it once, noting every preset that produces a reaction. When you’re done, return to those presets and run them again, this time keeping a closer eye on the component programs that provoke a response. In this way, you can home in on frequencies that are most effective for you, shortening treatment times considerably.

There is a detailed guide of Morgellons and Lyme to help you use it.


We also have the largest database which contains almost all kinds of programs for Morgellons disease.


For more information about our software, you could download it here for free and do more researches.

A lot of users use spooky2 to help morgellons, so which kit is best for morgellons?

Which Spooky2 kit should you choose?

Normally we would recommend our users to start from at least 2 generators, especially for serious problems like Morgellons, since it involves many pathogens. There is a specific purpose behind running 2 Spooky2 generators at once. One generator is running programs for killing pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. The result would be toxic debris from the destroyed microbes, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. The other generator is running various detoxification programs, which can detoxify the lymph system, liver, and kidneys to address the potential detoxification issue.

If you are confused about why multiple generators are suggested for certain diseases, please read here.

The following are the most appropriate options that we could recommend for someone with Morgellons disease.

Option 1
If you want to start from 2 generators, we would suggest you buy Spooky2 Essential Kit.


Option 2
If you want to do fast biofeedback scans in minutes and find exact frequencies especially for you, we would suggest you buy Spooky2 GeneratorX Essential Kit.


Option 3
If you want more generators to effectively treat Morgellons, you could use Spooky2 Advanced Kit to do killing, detox, support, and pain control at the same time.


Option 4
If your budget is okay, you can take Spooky2 Central, which is the MOST powerful Rife machine and has plasma that can transmit up to 3.5MHz without a carrier. And the Plasma method was the original transmission mode used by Royal Rife to successfully treat 16 terminally ill patients.


For more information about Spooky2 kits, find out here.

What are Spooky2 users saying?

Many people use Spooky2 attaining significant improvement from Morgellons disease, and also have reported with success in treating Morgellons and co-infections.

Like we always say, facts speak louder than just words. Here are many reviews from Spooky2 users about Morgellons.





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If you want to get more information about Spooky2 and how people use it, our families on Facebook and forum are always open to you!