Understanding Biofeedback Scan 39

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Biofeedback scan requires a frequency sweep to be input to the body, plus a system to monitor the results of this. As this sweep is being transmitted, it will kill or injure pathogens. Your body registers these events as stresses, and each one is clearly recorded.

Spooky2 has two ways of doing biofeedback scan. Spooky Pulse and Spooky2 GeneratorX.

Spooky Pulse is a non-damped cardiac monitor capable of detecting the most minute changes in pulse rate. As the scan sweep progresses, Spooky2 correlates each stress event with the exact frequency that caused it. In Rife, this is called a “hit.” Depending on your settings, it will then analyze all the hits, then select the 10 or 20 that were strongest. The frequencies which caused these are assembled into a program you can save and use to treat the problems found. GX changes the rules for biofeedback entirely. During a biofeedback scan, GX records how the electrical signal behaves. A brief change in the electrical pattern shows that a hit was detected. A biofeedback scan which takes an hour with Spooky Pulse now takes just 7 minutes using GeneratorX. Even less if you do not need to measure both current and phase angle. No more sitting or lying down forever, waiting for a biofeedback scan to complete. GX uses state-of-the-art components and ingenious circuit design to accurately monitor the current and phase angle of signals all the way up to 40 MHz. So you can really see what is happening in your body.

Depending on your Spooky2 rig, scanning every seven or four days is highly recommended. Spooky Central users should use the results program in a killing preset and run it once a day for four days, then scan again. Contact Mode users should run it once daily for seven days, then scan again. Remote Mode should be run non-stop for a week, then scan again. Repeated scans are necessary. Here’s why:

The human body, it may surprise you to learn, is made up of more than 50% bacterial cells. Most of these organisms are harmless, some are beneficial, and some cause disease. Spooky2 is not capable of telling the difference between them – it can only report how big a stress the destruction of each caused in your body. To put it another way, it lists the organisms that “screamed loudest.”

But there’s no guarantee that these are the nasty ones. In fact, serious pathogens are often able to hide from your immune system because they’ve developed stealth strategies. So while they may be hit and killed, their presence might not register over the”noise” of trillions of other bacteria, all of which are also being hit. Repeated scans are necessary to “clear the stage” of all the loud and melodramatic organisms first. When that’s done, Spooky2 can now “hear” the bad guys clearly. Biofeedback scanning is like peeling an onion, layer by layer.

Before you scan, you must first stop or pause all generators operating in Remote Mode because you should only be receiving the input scan sweep frequencies, and no others. If you use Spooky Pulse, you should lie down when doing biofeedback scan, as movement affects your heart rate. It takes about an hour to do a full biofeedback scan. If you use a GX, there’s no need to lie down, as it detects electrical signal. It takes 6 minutes to do a GX biofeedback scan.

Doing Biofeedback Scan with Spooky2 GeneratorX:

Doing Biofeedback Scan with Spooky2 Pulse:

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  1. Thank you very helpful

    Silvana Cornale
  2. In addition to the Spooky2 Biofeedback scan, can you recommend a separate bio resonance machine that is more comprehensive for other uses? Ive looked into a few and each have some limitation and are also very costly. Appreciate any advice. thank you!

    1. Hi, for Spooky2, one can use spooky pulse or do scan on genx using contact mode and sample digiitzer. Did you check all of them? May I know limitation you mean so our technical team will improve it in the future.

    2. The Ondamed device that I’m using in the clinic, As I can scan and treat for frequencies that are missing in the person to do self healing.

    3. so also beneficial gut bacteria are killed in this process?

      1. Hi, it can be but only slightly. It is recommended to drink some pure water, yogurt, eat homemade fermented foods like sauerkraut, kim chi, miso, pickles, kefir and kombucha to maintain gut flora biodiversity.

      2. Think of it like this: Everything resonates at a certain frequency. Technically you can target anything good or bad. Just like a good color photocopier will refuse to copy currency, so too does spooky contain a “black list” of frequencies it is not allowed to “hit” for lack of a better word. Otherwise… you could blow up your own red blood cells or damage your DNA or something equally catastrophic. So will it kill your normal gut bacteria ? The short answer is NO.. the black list will prevent it from killing good cells. In fact the database is worked on so often and so extensively, to remain “up to date” with all the latest, it can require updates every few weeks (if you are that dedicated to keeping every single discovered frequency for every new pathogen etc). Does that answer your question ? Also… if you do find you have a frequency you want to avoid, you can add that to your local install blacklist. And no I have not explored undermining the default blacklist.. that would probably enlist me for this years Darwin Awards !

  3. Hi, Spooky2g so far,

    Am glad to find you and you got a lot of explanations easy to understand.
    If only I will find you earlier… Already got one machine from another company and yours looks way better!!!
    Also, cheaper, lol.
    Way to go.

  4. Very clear and helpful.

    However the reverse look up is not clear !
    Then the step after how to run/ kill or treat? The biofeedback.

  5. Can we run the contact ‘Hunt and Kill’ biofeedback scan with the Pure Scalar running simultaneously overnight?

    1. Hi Sheikh, if you are running a scan, it is recommended to stop other treatment at same time.

    2. No, if you use the scalar, we recommend you use the scalar, Generatorx, and the scalar digitizer to do the scalar biofeedback scan.

  6. I only have one boost. Is it possible to do the killing, then do the detox after the killing mode is finished on GX?

    Helen Van Erck
    1. Yes, you can and we also recommend to check this link for guide we have: https://www.spooky2.com/guide/

  7. Hi, I’m a newby in Spooky2 world 🙂
    I’ve bought a Spooky2 Kit (the basic one, XM + remote).
    I’ve a question aabout biofeedback: is there any way to do it in remote mode or it’s mandatory to use Pulse/Generator X?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Yes, You can use the pulse, remote and the generator to do the scan, just use the remote instead of the tens pads.

      1. I’m very confused, What do you want for prostate cancer. I am confused and overwhelmed

        1. Hi, I recommend you have a view of these articles. They are all some feedbacks from other suffers using Spooky2, l think it will help you to some degree.

  8. What does Analyse+ Results provide you that differs from the original biofeedback scan results?

    Cindy bewell
    1. Hi, analyse+ button can give you more hit frequencies than the Analyse button. If you choose Angle or Current, and then click Analyse+ button, you will get 20 hits for both Angle and Current values.

  9. Hi. In the new version of the Spooky2 15th July 2020 software, it no longer appears in Biofeedback-GeneratorX, the scan for the Covid-19. Now it is made from DNA? Should we select one by one and then scan? Thank you

    Gabriel Nestor Brocchi Cabrera
    1. Yes and if you want to scan from that preset, please kindly follow note on the right and it will help find 10 frequencies which gives the strongest response.

    2. Yes and if you want to scan from that preset, please kindly follow note on the right and it will help find 10 frequencies which give the strongest response.

  10. Is there a video showing how to do biofeedback scan using GX digitizer?

  11. Confusing. Video says use high power port for hunt and kill. Program in spooky says use direct Out 1 port for hunt and kill. which is correct for hunt and kill please?

    1. Could you please kindly tell which video and we will double confirm for you?

  12. Hi,
    Do I need to buy anything else in order to use Spooky PULSE device for biofeedback?
    Is it as reliable as Generator X?
    I don’t have any other Spooky equipment yet.

    Thank you

    1. Hello, it depends on which spooky2 machines you have now. There is a blog here. You can choose the accessories you still lack based on the biofeedback you want to run. If you want to do pulse bfb scans, pulse kits is what you need.
      If you are still confused about what product you need to buy, you can contact our customer service staff at any time before buying, and they will give you the most professional advice. You can contact them via a live chat on our mall website or send your questions to [email protected].

  13. Se puede aplicar tto detox remoto a paciente con marcapasos en corazon?.
    Se puede correr sistema de escaneo completo usando los tens en paciente con marcapasos en corazon??.
    Las frecuencias NO alteran el equipo de marcapasos???

    Osvaldo Perez
    1. Hola, puede ejecutar programas remotos en alguien con un marcapasos, no necesita preocuparse por esto 🙂
      No se recomienda el uso del modo de contacto en personas con marcapasos. Hay un blog que explica esta pregunta en detalle, consulte: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/are-all-the-spooky-subsystems-safe-for-pacemakers-other-electric- implantes-o-metal-reemplazos/

  14. On Spooky2, I chose the quarter scan, had a check mark at ‘single scan’, and still my scan never ends. It shows Expected Time: 0:00, and the time just keeps going until I stop it. In the description it says it should be about 15 minutes. What’s wrong?

    Marika Berman
    1. Hi, Marika. Could you send some screenshots of your software to [email protected], so that our support team can help you have a further check and reply to you ASAP:)

    2. Hi, did you ever receive information on this issue? I have the same problem. I’m doing a quarter scan just to see how it works and it took over an hr. Not sure I can lay still for over 4 hrs to get a full biofeedback via pulse on my XM.

  15. Hi, did you ever receive information on this issue? I have the same problem. I’m doing a quarter scan just to see how it works and it took over an hr. Not sure I can lay still for over 4 hrs to get a full biofeedback via pulse on my XM.

    1. Hi, normally you will get your bfb scan results in about 1 hour, so please contact our customer service at [email protected], and they will help you have a further check and reply to you ASAP:)

  16. How do I know what the frequencies relate to in the BFB scan results? is there a list of names and not numbers?

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