GeneratorX does not need to be connected to a computer. This is called stand-alone operation. Follow these steps to load programs into GeneratorX:

First, choose a Shell preset suitable for your needs. In this example, I have chosen the Spooky Remote healing preset.

Go to the Programs tab and choose the programs you wish to load.

Go to the Control tab and select Allow Generator Overwrites. Choose either of the two generators within GeneratorX. It does not matter if you select generator #1 or generator #2. They both share the same programs.

The combined frequency count is shown in the Step field. GeneratorX can accept up to 200 frequencies per program in offline mode. If more frequencies are chosen, only the first 200 will be loaded into the generator.

Finally, select Load.

This screen will be presented. Edit the program name to something meaningful (such as “Constipation – Remote”) and double click on the location you want the program to be stored. You can overwrite an existing program if you like.

Now press Save. If you do not specify a memory location, the program will be appended to the existing programs. The Load Generator box will close, and the program changes will be sent to GeneratorX.

If you want to clear a memory location, choose it, and press the Delete button before saving.

Repeat the loading instructions for up to 30 different programs. When you have finished, GeneratorX will be ready to run without a computer.

Authored by John White