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How to Load Programs into GeneratorX 35

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GeneratorX can be run in standalone mode, which means you can run desired programs without connecting to a computer. Follow these steps to load programs into GeneratorX:

Firstly, you need to choose one Shell (Empty) Preset under Presets tab based on your needs. In this example, l will choose the Spooky2 Remote Killing preset.

Then, go to the Programs tab and double click or click the “+” button on the programs you want to load. You will see these programs have been added into “Loaded Program” in the lower-left corner. Before you proceed to the next step, check again whether these programs are exactly what you want.

Go to the Control tab, select “Overwrite Generator”. Choose either of the two generators on your GeneratorX. It does not matter if you select generator #1 or generator #2. They both share the same programs. In this example, l will choose generator #4.

The total frequency count is shown in the Step field. GeneratorX can load up to 200 frequencies per program in offline mode. If more frequencies are chosen, only the first 200 will be loaded into the generator.

Finally, select Load GX.

You will see a new window pop up. Below “New Program Name”, give the new program a name so that you can remind yourself of it. If not, it will automatically combine all your program names as titles.

Double click on the location you want the program to be stored. You can overwrite an existing program if you like. There are 30 locations which you can store your programs. However, all of these programs should be within the limits of 200 frequencies. Here, l will place them in Location 01.

If you want to clear a location, choose it, and press the Delete/Broom button before saving.

If you do not choose to save to a specific location, the program will be appended to the existing programs.

Now press Save. The “Load Generator box” will close, and the program changes will be sent to your GeneratorX.

There are some points you need to notice:

  1. Each program is limited to 200 frequencies. Inside one program, each frequency will be using the same waveform, amplitude, offset and duration (dwell).
  2. If you want to run a sweep, make colloidal silver or biofeedback scan, you should keep your computer connected.
  3. The Out 2 signal will be the inverse of Out 1. You cannot use Out 2 for modulation with Spooky2 Central or Spooky2 Plasma. However, special presets are available which allow these machines to run using Out 1.
  4. When you are connecting Plasma to a standalone GeneratorX, it works well for frequencies over 100,000 Hz. For lower frequencies, they get promoted to a harmonic over 100 kHz. Therefore, it is better to use online GX for plasma if you have frequencies under 100 kHz.

If you have any questions about this blog, welcome to leave a message in the comment area below!

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  1. Connected to a computer, the new GeneratorX is working like the XM-Generator, with full support of the Spooky2 Program and Database?

    1. Yes, our Spooky2 software can support GeneratorX and XM Generator.

    2. Yes 100%, just much more powerful generator.

      Ursula Jacobs
  2. My mother had vertigo last night so I ran the vertigo and dizziness program since last night and she woke up feeling way better.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Best wishes for you

  3. Hello,
    My question is about the generator X. Does it come preloaded with the newest software with all the programs so that you never have to hook it up to a computer? If I understand right, the only time you need a computer is if you want to install customize programs, Is that right?
    Another question, due to the coronavirus how far back ordered or how long is it taking to receive products?
    Thank you so much for your time,

    1. Hi,Lauren, for genx, you need to load programs into it from software and it will store 30 most per time. We can ship now and may I know where you are from? Normally takes around 5-7 days.

    2. No…you have to load your own..up to 30 programs…then you can run any of those 30 without computer on Gen X…Gen X is 2 generators

      Danny J Sidener
  4. Does it matter which empty shell preset you choose for loading the programs into? It says that they do not contain any frequencies until you load a program into them. Are there any actualy differences between them in the program settings or anything? I can see that the waveform is different between the remote and contact presets, but is there any actual difference between an empty killing preset and an empty healing preset within the same mode?

  5. Do you have to shut the generator X off to load programs? Or can I load while it is operating?

    1. If the programs already loaded in generatorX from software, you need disconnect the usb cable, then use generatorX standalone.

  6. How does one determine which shell to use? Where is the documentation/videos explaining this? Thanks.

    1. Please check the notes of the shell preset, if it meets your need, you can choose it directly. And please check the below link to choose Healing or Killing preset:

  7. Is it possible to rename loaded programms in GenX?

    1. So sorry, you cannot change the loaded name.

    2. I have tried to use the empty shell preset for am modulation and load in audio signals to modulate the carrier. It seems to work the way it should. However when I try to load my GX with the program, I don’t seem to get the same modulated signal. When disconnected from computer. I do have an oscilloscope so I see outputs. Shouldn’t the Shell Preset be saved along with settings and loaded programs?

      Douglas Hudson
  8. Can you share how to delete a program from Generator X please?

    1. Hi, please have a look at this video and it will help you to some degree.

  9. Followed all the steps on above blog and I loaded it and then saved it in position one on window. I hit save and it didn’t load onto Generator X – or at least gave no indication of doing so, either in the software or the generator. Please help!

    1. Hi, please click G1 or G2 on GenX to have a check. If still not, please send your problem to [email protected], they will help you!

    2. I did this also. You have to click down in the list on one of the empty numbers and then hit save. It’s not intuitive. I’ve found the whole system not very user-friendly and the documentation so far is really bad. I’m hoping it’ll be a worthy product despite all the issues. Hopefully you’ve had some luck!

  10. When I have the GeneratorX run all night in standalone say for 8 hours or more, could this possibly be harmful to the little screens G1 & G2 ? I mean, computer screens can be damaged having them on for too long, what about the GenX tiny screens?

    Daniel Verbruggen
    1. Hi please do not need to worry about this. We have not received any complaints in this regard so far.

  11. If you already have the software downloaded for a previous generator. Can you plug in the USB cord to the PC along with the power cord to the socket and download the programs to the new generator. It keeps saying generator error.

    Jennifer Lendore
    1. Hi, you need to download the new version of our Spooky2 software to run the new generator: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadsPage/index.html.

  12. I uploaded a chain of 5 different frequencies to the generator, but on the generator it only shows first 3. Are they all there?

    1. Dear Bob, no worries. because of the limitation of the words, not all programs will show up when loading programs into GX/GX Pro. But all programs have been loaded. You can run them directly. Hope it helps.

  13. Can stored programs combined for execution? In the presests under heal I see a list vitamins but unable to combine this list with with selected programs. If I load the selected programs and the vitamin preset can I then selected both for a loop?

    1. Dear Ronald, you can only download 30 programs at a time to GX/GXPro. The preset you mentioned about vitamins is a factory preset and contains 31 programs, which can be run directly under the control tab when you click on it, so what you are saying is not possible. If you want to run both this preset and the programs you want to run, you need two generators, i.e. two xm or one GX/GXPro. If you don’t know how to do this, feel free to contact us at the following email address: [email protected]. 🙂

  14. do the programs auto repeat? ie I’ve uploaded one 30 min mold program that requires 3.5 hour to cleanse my car of mold via plasma. thank you.

    1. Dear Daniel, if you download this to your generator then it will not repeat automatically. Any other questions, please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected], our customer service will help you to solve your problems.

  15. I will store two programs in GenX: Program 01 will be for Remote and Program 02 will be for Plasma. I will shut down GenX, move it elsewhere and want to use it offline. In the meantime, however, I forget whether Program 01 is for Remote or whether Program 01 is for Plasma. How can I tell on the GenX display? (Note: if I get it confused, I might destroy the Plasma!) Thank you for the information.

    1. Dear friend, we suggest that you can reload it once be sure to remember what each port corresponds to. Any questions, feel free to contact us by email.

  16. So we must choose which method we want to apply the frequencies in the first step. For example, contact, remote, coil, etc. The example given, you selected “remote”. Does that affect if we want to use a contact method (tens pads or the coil) to apply the frequencies? I am going to be bringing my generator to a hospital and I’m undecided as to which contact mode I want to use, but need to know if using the “remote” setting will make it less effective?

    1. Dear Friend, everyone feels differently about using different modes, and you can see which one works best for you. Usually which mode will not affect the results. Any questions, feel free to contact us by email.

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