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A new version of Spooky2 has just been released, with multiple improvements to make Spooky more effective. This new version is available immediately from here. It is an important release because it addresses an obsrelieve Wave Cycle Multiplier bug.

The DNA database and presets will continue to be updated whenever new genome sequences are released. They can be downloaded from problemclinic.co.nz. Please check regularly to ensure you have the best information to fight conditions.

Changes since the last formal release of Spooky

New: Option to independently specify the application of the Tissue Factor for MW and DNA frequencies.

New: Reverse Lookup harmonic type is now set by the user.

Improved: Biofeedback controls. Duplicated (and confusing) functions have been removed.
• Refine scans now refine to the capabilities of the generator, unless specified otherwise.
• If Grade Program is not selected, Refine Frequencies is assumed.
• 2DP max option replaced by the Decimal Places option.

Improved: Generator outputs are now automatically synced if the frequencies are the same. Inverse and Spike waveforms are not compulsorily sync, but will automatically sync if the output frequencies are the same.

Improved: Scheduling resolution from 60 minutes to 15 minutes.

Fixed: Frequency wobbles for Out 2 when running every second frequency.
Fixed: Generator output frequency when the frequency is static but the wave cycle multiplier changes. This is a bug affecting all earlier versions of Spooky, causing the Overnight Broad Spectrum (P) – JW preset to only light the tube every second preset within the chain.

Fixed: Padding frequency was not working correctly for programs which split between Out 1 and Out 2.

Fixed: Multiple contact and remote presets which should have used inverse waveforms for Out 2.

Updated: Spooky User’s Guide to version 20201114.

Have you tried the new software? Welcome to download and share your experience with us!

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