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With the continued support from all members of Spooky2 family, we are able to grow quickly and help more people all around the world. Albert Einstein said, “It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” Giving back is important to us and we want to share that passion with you. Since the birth of Spooky2, we have been committed to contributing to society and creating social value as part of our corporate social responsibility. We have established the Trust Fund, made donations to welfare homes, participated in the release activities of captive animals, etc.

In this season of thankfulness, we are grateful to all friends of Spooky2 and want to share with you a heartwarming program that all of us are involved with. In January 2019, we started the “One Dollar One Hope” program. Through this program, we’ve been able to cooperate with well-known international charitable organizations to help poor students and people with conditions. With every purchase you make, we will add $1 to the charity fund of our “One Dollar One Hope” program. Thanks for helping us sustain the mission to spread love and bring people hope. Every child and patient who benefits from this program has improved their lives and changed their destiny just because of your kindness and love.

One Dollar

On May 16th, our “One Dollar One Hope” program donated 10,000 yuan worth of necessities to Tibet Charity for Tibetan children, including stationery, sporting equipment, clothing, toys, etc.

One dollar2

On July 16th, the “One Dollar One Hope” program collaborated with Nanjing Yitong Foundation to provide children with one-on-one assistance, set up welfare centers for children and launch the CLEN Foundation project.

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On July 29th, the “One Dollar One Hope ” program worked together with Nanjing Yitong Foundation to fund five children to participate in the summer camp. Due to this precious chance, these children can build up their self-confidence and improve their teamwork ability through a series of activities.

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On August 21st, our “One Dollar One Hope” project was released on the online platform provided by Tencent Charity. All of these donations go to the public-raising fund and are subject to social supervision through transparent and open operational processes and information disclosure. We also participated in the fifth session of Tencent’s annual philanthropic campaign “99 Charity Day”. This is in line with the original mission of our “One Dollar One Hope” program: “Little sparks of kindness light up LOVE”.

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It is a pleasure for Spooky2 to help people in need with your support and assistance. Thank you for choosing us and believing that it is possible to make a better life and pass hope around!

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