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Spooky2 France Online Training Course – May 18, 2020 2

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In May, Sébastien Mercier held two Spooky2 training courses, one to learn the software and its transmission modes, the other to learn how to use Spooky2 Scalar.

These training courses were to take place initially in Paris. Because of the restrictions (travel, grouping) related to the coronavirus, these 2 face-to-face training courses were transformed into three days of virtual online classes.

Each day, 8 people from France, Navarre, and much further afield came together. Many countries were represented: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Martinique. These training sessions were very user-friendly and also made it possible to bring together people who, thanks to videoconferencing, would not otherwise have been able to participate.

(Training course screenshot)

With the growth of the spooky2 family members, an increasing number of friends hope that we can provide online training. In order to facilitate our beginners to better use our products, we will launch more training programs to provide new users with product explanation and training. So keep following us!

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  1. Was this paid training? Was it recorded? If so, is it possible to get access to the recording of this training?

    1. Sorry, the training course do not have the record, which is the paid training.

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