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COPD and Serious Arthritis Pain Improved

Here is a simple one. I just got my essentials kit a few weeks ago. I have lots of issues, COPD, serious arthritis pain, very low energy. I’ve been using the system, one generator in contact mode one in remote pretty much continuously and the improvement is rather remarkable. My breathing is so much better, my mobility and pain levels are much better and my energy has increased tremendously. My friends are a bit amazed by my new vitality. I have been running a lot of detox programs in remote and i finally started to get a boil from the elimination i assume. I haven’t had one of those in years, but the last time I got one it was MRSA and i had to be flushed with antibiotics and the whole rigmarole I got worried and blasted it with all the staff and recommended frequencies and the boil did not grow to a head and pop as usual but just shrunk up and was gone in 48 hours. This to me is actual real time proof that this system really works. I’m a nubie and was a bit skeptical but hopeful. Now I am convinced this is real science and will hopefully put big pharma out of business world wide. I will refrain from pictures due to the private area of the malady. Love Love Love.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2success/permalink/859482437572705/