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I LOVE My Spooky 2 Remote !

Ok In every word i say….i’m going to be brutally honest…because that’s what I do .. I’m a 57 year old American living in Milwaukee wisconsin. For many many years i work very hard physically and mentally during the day …
and at Night I relax at my computer with my alcohol and cigarettes …ahhhhh yesss …feels so Good to NOT Be physical and just chill out have some drinks and relaxing smoke .. Yes yes, like i said….honesty.. ahhhh yessss

BUT ! as Life has gone on… to much work ….and play have started to run me down with high blood pressure and loss of short term memory , lack of sleep and just feeling harder and harder to feel energetic and positive…and somewhat looking for more health problems down the road…. I bumped into spooky2 on the internet and i had already researched Royal Rife years ago….and immediately I felt a powerful urge to purchase ! i just trusted every word I read and felt very confident for spooky2.

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and I’m already Very Amazed ! Ok I first wanted to say that I have not had a cold or flu for at least 20 years … and when I first started using spooky…different programs experimenting … I started to feel like i was getting a powerful cold…sneezing alot and blowing my nose with huge amounts filling the tissue…it was like my head was filled to capacity with snot and it all had to come out …..and it did …it was about 10 days of feeling like a powerful cold…But I Know that this machine does detox without doing a specific detox program… I stuck with it until the cold was over and my head is amazingly empty and clear ! I developed some small rashing in groin area and that has since went away also.

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Ok Im going to say in these few short weeks… I have NO swelling or painful feet and ankles anymore.. My head is very clear…i sleep more sound, I smoke less and drink less also ! It has somehow helped me with that also ! Very impressed !
I get up way easier in the morning… and have a great confident hope to be a much much healthier Person .

Ok Last But NOT Least !! I did this 3 times Now…. I said Steve ??? I want to do an experiment ! I want to put spooky2 to the Test ! a Test That I could show Others ! ( They all think im crazy to believe in such electronic Voodoo )
Soooo ! I Purposely didnt take my blood pressure medication and after work I settled in with my drinks and smokes…I then activated and ran the spooky Hypertension program and had my first drink …took my blood pressure …
And It was 159/ 99….. and within a half hour it was 151/ 91…. I continued drinking a smoking and my computer world entertainment and checked my pressure every hour ( with two different Pressure machines ) and each hour it went down and down…while smoking and drinking !!! whoooo hooo ! Now thats REAL HARD PROOF ! Spooky is working ..

at the end of the Night …. after hours of relaxing smoking and drinking… My Blood pressure was 130/ 80 !!!
I looked up perfect blood pressure and found a site that listed them by age and gender ….and for my age and gender ..
130/ 80 is the exact Numbers !!! I could not believe It !
ATTENTION ; Everybody Please Know this !!!
Drinking and smoking together WILL ALWAYS DRIVE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE HIGHER….. ALWAYS …even with medication .

I have done this experiment 3 different times and it has always brought my pressure down to perfect or normal …
while smoking and drinking the whole time ” )) Im sorry but that is Nothing less than amazing !!! and PROOF Of spooky’s Power … I have told everyone and anyone that would listen….its that amazing to me…and im so proud of spooky2 !

Today I started the ” Terrain Protocol of detox for 11 days ” this will be the ultimate detox ….im going to force myself to drink lots of water for maximum flush… I KNOW It has the potential to beat me about the head and body for 11 days….but im ready willing and able to drink that water and take any negative as a possitive ..
and I KNOW Im going to be Much much better off for it : ))) I Know it already …..and as time goes on I have a strong confidence that it will bend my mind and body to NOT look for alcohol and cigarettes for a life line or crutch..
Im very positive of this …I already feel a strong change in urge and desire for that feeling …I really mean this..

OK OK ! Thats MY STORY and Im sticking to It !! whooo Hooo ! This is Fact and Im so Glad I finally did this …
and People… the support and chat team are second to None ! I have never experienced any support like it …
you ask ANY question on chat and your response time is about ??…… one, one one thousand , two, one One thousand ??
about 3 to 4 seconds !! I Kid you Not ! I have NEVER Experienced anything like it with ANY Chat Anywhere !!
and being brand New….i have chatted a Lot …absolutely amazing customer service ….Truly the Best !!! : )))
OK Folks … I Am Completely truthful and Honest with every word i have written and very happy to write It !!
I Personal thank My almighty God for the Brains and wisdom of the spooky engineers and creators !!
I also Know im going to expand my program and buy a few more things that I KNOW will enhance My Life greatly.
I Can Not say enough….. and its been 3 weeks ! I could not be happier, more satisfied and confident for My Best Life possible with My little Buddy ! Spooky2 !! Thank you , thank you very Much ! ( Elvis Voice ) Steve : )))
whoooo Hooo ! ….No really