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I’ll never be without Spooky2!

Ten years ago, at 37 when my children were small my health deteriorated. I didn’t know why but google and talking to my Mum about the my families health did. Mum said my nana had thyroid issues with pregnancy and a great Aunt who was institutionalised for mental health may have had undiagnosed thyroid problems.

I went to the doctor asking for full thyroid blood checks. He said I needed to exercise and diet. In a way he was right but I couldn’t even cook tea for my children, so forget healthy diets and exercise. My husband who is my hero would leave work from a very understanding employer to come home and look after me and the kids. By 3pm I would be on the couch nearly in a catatonic state. I did finally convince the doctor to check a person who did not fit the demographics for thyroid. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto and put on thyroxine medication.

Fast forward to 2018 after years of trying EVERYTHING, diets, healing, counseling, anti depressants (wrong diagnosis), kinesiology, acupuncture, meditation, grounding, naturopathic support, exercise, I found a zapper device. It helped. I had it strapped onto my hip. This small device, however led me to Spooky2. When I brought my first Spooky2 remote I still had Hashimoto and very overweight. That changed though.

Now with three Spooky2 remotes I have clear bloods!!! Confirmed the other week. NO evidence of Hashimoto, high cholesterol (which I had) and sugars elevated. All organs checked and clear! On top of that I’ve gone from 89kgs to 70kgs since on Spooky2 which is the opposite of what happens to peri menopausal woman, which I am. I have been off medication for six months. I finally told the doctor I wasn’t taking medication, she was quiet and just replied keep having my bloods checked.

I haven’t done it yet, but I will do a video because I love this product and what it’s given me. My life now? I run a business in disability, work at the hospital part-time, volunteer in a youth development program. All of which would have been too difficult to do just two years ago.