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Thought you might want to read what MJ wrote to Spooky2 Sergio Gonzalez

Spooky 2

Spooky 2 Rife frequencies have taken me from wheelchair bound to dancing in the streets, in just three weeks!

But first my backstory….


I could write a book on these years, titled, “ The Agony of Lyme Disease; From Misdiagnosis to Finding A Lyme Literate Doctor.”

In 1999, finally, i received the correct diagnosis of fourth stage neurological Lyme Disease with co-infection of Western Babesia.

Luckily, I did hunt down a Lyme literate doctor. For the next six years I underwent progressive, intense antibiotic treatment. As is the case with Lyme Disease, the treatment makes one much worse before getting better. And WOW, did I get worse. The Herxheimer reactions caused excruciating pain, endless hours of seizures. I was often too ill to lift my head off the pillow, spending the better part of six years bedridden and wheelchair bound.

Moving forward to 2005 -2017

At last I improved! With the help of my personal physician, also a Homeopath, I was able to begin life anew. Homeopathic remedy taken daily helped me to move on from intense bouts of seizures, reduce pain meds and generally grow stronger everyday. Mind you this was not a linear healing and though I suffered from days of fatigue, pain and the occasional seizures, my life was once again full of hope. I did not need a wheelchair.


I began to have bouts every couple of months when my legs would give out and for a week or so would need to use a wheelchair. I did not worry too much and just chalked it up to the chronic Lyme syndrome so many Lyme patients experience.

In March of 2019 my doctor ran Lyme tests to determine if in fact I did suffer from Chronic Lyme. By April I was dependent on a wheelchair or walker everyday. My neurological system was so compromised I would suddenly fly backwards making the simplest task, like pouring hot water for tea a dangerous enterprise.

The test came back. Oh Noooooo! Not only do I have chronic Lyme, I also have a new infection of Lyme Disease with co-infection of Bartonela SPP . For the second time in 25 years I am facing the horrors of Lyme disease, possibly years of treatment, the end of the good life I have come to appreciate.

In July my doctor and I agreed to tackle this recent infection with traditional antibiotic treatment.
After three days on antibiotics the Herxheimer hit and hit me hard. I will not go into the agony of it, simply, I had to stop the treatment.

My doctor recommended I see a local practitioner with a long history of treating Lyme disease. She believed I needed more expertise than she could offer at this time.

I admit to being overwhelmed and frightened of all the antibiotics and suffering that could be my future. I did not want to go down that road, even going so far as to say, “ I’d rather live my life in a wheelchair than go through that again.”

Enter the hero of this story, my husband Sergio.
He vowed to stand by me and if need be, behind me, pushing my wheelchair; whatever I needed.

My husband had been researching Rife frequencies for many years and through his diligent study we discovered Spooky 2.

On October 16, 2019, Sergio had assembled all we needed to begin using the Spooky 2 program for Lyme and Bartonela.

The first run we did was 24 hours. We started the frequencies at 4 p.m. and at 1 a.m. I woke up to headache, nausea, chills, pain throughout my entire body…..The dreaded Herx had hit! Having experienced how utterly unbearable Herxing can be, I am happy to report that this was doable. Unpleasant? Yes. But oh so doable compared to antibiotic treatment.
Using the Herxheimer helper, detox and immune building programs on Spooky 2, I recovered quickly and within two hours I felt just fine.

We are now using Spooky 2 programs for detox, immune building and pulsing the frequencies for Lyme and Bartonela

After two weeks of using Spooky 2 my grown sons, who had been through the last 25 years with me, cried with relief, thrilled to see me walking again.

It was time to go see my doctor. She had not laid eyes on me in two months and not since I started with Spooky 2.

November 12, 2019

I walked up to my doctors ’s, just two blocks from home. She came out to the waiting room prepared to wheel me back to her office.
Wide eyed with disbelief she called out, “Where is Mary Jane? Where is the wheelchair?”

We walked back to her office and she turned to me, eyes bright, smiling from ear to ear and asked, “What have you been doing? What is happening here.?” I simply replied , “Rife frequencies.”
She exclaimed, ”In the fifteen years I’ve known you I have never seen you so strong, so vital! I need to tell my colleagues.”
She said she has heard of Rife but asked how we came to it.
I shared my experience with Spooky 2 which she immediately pulled up on her computer.
Suffice to say, ”Here it is, a testimony by my own doctor on my amazing progress using Spooky 2 and Rife frequencies.”

She did not even charge me for the appointment. Because really, it was more of a celebration.

November 22, 2019

Today, using Spooky 2 programs, I continue to get stronger, vibrant, alert and alive. I walk wherever I want and even drive a car.
Bless everyone involved in making Spooky 2 and Rife frequencies available to the world.

Mary Jane Gonzalez
Ashland, Oregon