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Not being believed by family friends doctors or my Psychiatrist Who diagnosed me with delusional parasitesIm

So thankful I’ve found you spooky2 🙏Your a true inspiration of intelligence not only to cure all evil disease I’ve finally found you and you Believe morgellons is a real disease and not a delusion, I was diagnosed with delusional paraptosis January 2016 after been sectioned in mental health hospital, for 17 weeks, and still to this day not one person believes I have Morgellons Evan though they see how much I’ve deteriorated with my health, I’ve shaved my head now for over two years constantly have lesions and sores especially my scalp I have to shave my head everyday electric shocks and twitching constantly above my left ear, they all just tell my it’s all in my head as it’s all connected to my child abuse from age of 9 years old till I was 23 years old by my step father who has been dead 21 years now, I had his baby she is now 32 I love her unconditionally and She is why I had to tell my secret when she was 18months old as I need to protect my baby girl as I just knew he was going to abuse her I needed to protect her from him so I told my secret to my mum, I finally got my mum and my baby girl protected, but never reported it to the police because he was gone, I was the happiest I’d been all my life until my mum took him back after 5weeks, finally in 1999 he dropped dead aged 49.

I finally reported my historical abuse to the police in 2017 he’s been filed as a pedo file Evan though he’s dead I needed to have closer it wasn’t my fault I was a 9 year baby girl and it wasn’t my fault the C.D were amazing, Evan though I’ve been in therapy for over 27 years for child abuse they think Morgellons is connected to my depression and anxiety, because of my childhood abuse, and Morgellons is just in my head as a distraction from thinking about my abuse and having his daughter, if Morgellons is a distraction for my to block out my abuse why didn’t it start 27 or more years ago.. my Morgellons hell started in Spain 2015 after being bitten, if Morgellons is a distraction why do I have h.Pylori, Bactria vaginosis, urine infection constantly different skin infections, eye infections lesions and sores, why do I need to shave head, why have I been in hospital twice bleeding from my rectom, why have I been in hospital for suspected cellulitis, why have I had Haemorrhoid banding, why did I have to give up my dream job of being a Qualified chef because I cannot stand long for the Pains in my feet and cannot walk far, why I have degraded myself to become on benefits, why I’ve I used all my savings moving from a 3 bedroom house into a paid by the Government apartment, spending thousands to move decorating flooring, no carpets new beds bedding allergies protection, leather sofa no soft furnishings, thrown away infected clothing only buy cotton,

Why My 2nd blood test for Lymes disease has detached something and gone to a different lab, why I had I ended my relationship because he says I have a mental illness, why I won’t have my grandson to stay with me frightened I’m going to infect them, why I’m constantly cleaning washing bedding every day, bathing etc, now diagnosed with o.c.d, why have I lost 5 teeth in 2 years, why do I buy only natural Enzymes etc, only use disposable clothes, why is my daughter now my carer as I wanted to end my life, why i have no energy constantly tired but don’t sleep, why have I changed the way I eat done body detox and lost 4 and half stone in 5 months, i also had an abdomen and internal vagina ultrasound scan which was so painful, and made me bleed and I haven’t had a period for 6years, I received the letter with my results from hospital Saturday saying my ultrasound was normal, But when they undertook the scan and the radiographer has commented that some blood was seen on the withdrawal of the probe, As there is no menstruating I would encourage you to speak to your doctor about this so I went to my doctors Monday told her about my letter and I’ve been spotting blood from my Vagina and rectum since having my ultrasound on 11th November she put me on HRT as well as all the medication she and my Psychiatrist have put me on antidepressants antipsychotics now just another pill , that’s all they give me as its easier for them than just listening and investing y health, theirs is no hope for me with them all they give me is negatives and never no positives that’s why I’m now always hesitant to go to my doctors as she judges me with my delusional disorder but I went and got another pill, after holding back my tears I also asked her for a MRI scan once again for my scalp as I’ve been refused for over 4years as I’ve never had any tests for my scalp even though I’ve seen a dermatologist twice they just judge me and say nothing is there so I pray not to be judged by my doctor, psychiatrist and hospital as they just see my medical records… Delusional.. but of cause I was refused I pleaded with her she said they won’t test you for parasites 🦠 I said ok tell to test me for the electric shocks I’m living with constantly please I begged but she still told me no, I held back the tears got my Prescription for HRT which I am not taking ever, as I got back to my car I just burst into tears, I have no hope.

I’m not delusional I’m me, but that’s all everyone sees is delusional.
We know MORGELLONS is an evil disease, We are not DELUSIONAL.

We just want a life to be who I used to be 4 years ago, I’m all alone Just suffering in silence with this evil disease, that is why I am doing my own research as I’m crying out for help and Advice so I can heal and start a life with my girls and grandsons 🙏
I’m so thankful and would like to say thank you spooky2 for all your believes and positives to cure all evil and praying you help me heal with an healing Generator For my morgellons and Lyme disease to help me go on with my life
Much love spooky2 from me to you 🙏
all much love Lisa 💗