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More Energy Using the Detox

Thank you Spooky2 Team for all your infinite effort in making this amazingly sound healing device so affordable for people. This will be a revolution amongst medical practices everywhere!

I am amazed how you have made it so easy to use for a beginner and is so incredibly healing. I have so much more energy using the detox at night with the BN remote and quartz crystals and orgonite creating a grid. And what did I see? Settings for orgone, zero point energy where i like to meditate with!!!

In daytime heal my broken ankle using cartilage, tendon and muscle repair with the cold laser, then as I go hiking I run same frequencies via remote, healing while I walk !

So I have many thanks for Mr. White and his amazing team, who have helped me with all the online support!!! Much Love and Light!!!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2success/permalink/609002962620655/