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My 4th Dimension Scalar Experience Leave a comment

The alternate heading could be: “Wow!” as only six-days into my Scalar Field Living Experience, I’ve encountered something new and miraculous morphing or being created in my physical being.

The constant being: Six-to-eight hours sleeping or lying between scalar boxes, utilising pure scalar alone. Boxes are on stands approximately 1.5 feet from sides of bed, positioning myself between the two units, approximately three feet on both sides of me to boxes.

Day 1: After 7 years of mostly daily cigarette smoking, ZERO urge to take a cigarette. 😮

Day 2: An elevated conscientiousness along with a newfound peace and understanding. Being that a scalar field operates in the fourth dimension, this is an effect that should not come as a surprise.

Days 3- present: During a soccer match three years ago I suffered a hip fracture. An overextended front kick chipped the top of my acetabulum, “hip cup,” the gelatinous ring around it, the labrum, was torn as a result of not getting the specialised surgery I was advised. The tear has only become more and more painful as the years go by, and surgery would be even more complex now, after additional issue have arisen on account of my inactivity. Day THREE and continuing into my present fourth-dimensional living: I can lay in bed and turn from side to side, even get up from the bed, without impediment or pain! Today I tried to bend my knee and lift up using my hip flexor, (an action I could not do a week ago, not with pain or without, I just was unable to perform this action,) and today I did it! I am beside myself with gratitude and a transcendent peace. I am confident that I am whole again! …and will continue to be healed and perfected more and more each day in every way! I am elated and so blessed!

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