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Spooky2 helped with treating symptoms and healing the underlying psychological causes Leave a comment

Hi All,

I bought the Spooky2 system 3,5 years ago for my daughter, and although she has not applied it to heal her original problem, she became a convinced Spooky2 user too. Because I am a relatively healthy person, the successes I have had with Spooky have not been as sensational as some healings I have come across about life-threatening diseases; the healings I received from Spooky have been nonetheless remarkable.

You know how it is when you have a minor physical problem; you don’t notice that it’s gone until, much later, something reminds you of it, and you say oh yea, I had that problem and now it’s apparently cleared up, how amazing…
Well, for years I had this eczema in my ears and some spots on my eyelids and under my eyes. Understandably daily eye makeup was out of the question. The other day someone wrote on FB about their ear-itching problem, which made me realize that I haven’t had that for some time. Also my eye eczema hasn’t shown itself for some time now, so I carefully started wearing makeup again. So far so good…
Apart from the occasional specific programs, I have been treating myself with the scan results because I trust that it is the best way to tackle minor health problems (the peeling off of the onion skin).

I have had hormonal unbalances from a young age, and a couple of disadvantageous character traits to back them up (Impatience and worrying, to name a couple). I know that Spooky has built-in frequencies that not only treat symptoms but, more importantly, they help heal the underlying psychological causes too.
I strongly believe that physical health is generated by a healthy psyche. In other words, working on ourself (delving inside our inner Self) by sorting out our erroneous belief systems, encourage ourself to live in the NOW, change harmful thought patterns, etc.etc. is the most important body of work that awaits us if we truly want to heal from the inside out. These subjects are also touched by Spooky2 on several pages and by Echolee in the Coffee Time sessions.

Because it is (most of the time) impossible to accomplish healing overnight, frequency therapy is there to assist us, and I am grateful that I was open to it at the time. And I am of course very grateful for all the people that make Spooky2 possible.
I wish all of us the best of success on the road to health!

Katja Lobensteijn, The Netherlands

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