Spooky2 is Now Part Of My Life Since January This Year.

So I guess I owe Spooky2 some credits as well. Since Lyme came into my life, I had terribly swollen hands. Not able to do a fist. It was a nightmare because I had pain in my fingers too and wasn’t able to do things, which you are normally doing with your hands.
Spooky2 is now part of my life since January this year.
I am also taking MMS and MSM, doing the Lyme protocol each night and most of the days contact sessions too with my scan results… (With Plasma during the night)
I am now at biofilm busters in the Lyme protocol.
Well, what can I say, my hands are fully back to normal, no more pain, no more stiffness, and swelling.
I have to say thank you to Spooky2 because it must have been a big part of something working here!!! No antibiotic so far was able to do what Spooky2 and co have achieved in such a short time.

I am more than happy.

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